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  1. Sophiestique

    What is going on with First Choice?

    There was someone from Romania a few days ago, received the money in USD account at Banca Romaneasca, from what i remember
  2. Sophiestique

    What is the difference between exhibitionist, chaturbating and HD?

    Yes indeed, you need 10mbps upload to stream 1080. Here are the requirements from chaturbate OBS settings Resolution Minimum Upload Bandwidth Needed 853x480 2mbps 1280x720 5mbps 1920x1080 10mbps 2560x1440 16mbps 3840x2160 (4K) 20mbps
  3. Sophiestique

    pvt show recording purchase

    Is this a new feature? didnt know members can purchase recordings of private shows.
  4. Sophiestique

    Token refund fromn support effects the model?

    It happened to me once, some time ago. Member asked for refund, even tho he got what he tipped for, and i disagreed with the refund, explaining suport what and how things happened, as no tokens were deducted from my account, i assumed they have a way to check or the member just gave up, dunno...
  5. Sophiestique

    Email and password changed

    well writing to suport is the thing to do, maybe @punker barbie can expedite procces.
  6. Sophiestique


    I havent been using cosmo in a long time, if you have a paxum card you should switch to paxum, since using it never ever had an issue with it. Even used withdraw to a local card and worked perfectly, instant for me, but higher fees.
  7. Sophiestique

    Age verification question

    Here's an example : Step 2: Upload / Verify your identity. 2 Files Uploaded - Submitted Jan. 11, 2017, 2:11 a.m .2 Files Uploaded - Submitted Dec. 13, 2016, 8:02 a.m .2 Files Uploaded - Submitted May 4, 2015, 8:04 a.m. ID is not valid. Reason: None the one i submited in 2015 expired and i...
  8. Sophiestique

    Age verification question

    When it will be verified you will see a 3rd document there. in case its expiring soon, maybe @punker barbie can expedite the proccess.
  9. Sophiestique

    EU models - being paid by CB

    @Morganaca wow, 2-3 weeks for a daily pay, why on earth are they calling it daily lol. it was suposed to help us withdarw cash without waiting 2 weeks. and they are also charging fot that. damn
  10. Sophiestique

    Payments via cheque - not arriving for more then 8 weeks now - due to covid?

    I know everyone runs from prepaid cards after FCP, but just curious, isnt paxum an option? If so, you can get your payments there, and then just send them to you bank account, or a card.
  11. Sophiestique

    Token rates for privates going up without me doing it.

    Or maybe she's also here and reading you :)
  12. Sophiestique

    Token rates for privates going up without me doing it.

    IMO whatever change made during the time a user spends tokens, without noticing him, its a scam. For example i have 30tk for 30 sec ultra high. if change that while someone is doing 30's in a row, means deceive. Obv that person wanna hit the ultrahigh.
  13. Sophiestique

    Token rates for privates going up without me doing it.

    Yes u can save diferent set of settings, but as well u can just change one while being tipped.
  14. Sophiestique

    Token rates for privates going up without me doing it.

    IMO i'd take cb's word... unfortunately even after years of talking, for diferent reasons, people can have a "bad day" and try stuff like that... personally i have never encountered that issue. as for price, just checked, it goes up to 150, not just 90.
  15. Sophiestique

    chaturbate regular payments paxum

    Hello, been a while since i waited for a reglar payment at the end of payperiod, those who are using paxum, can you please tell me aproximately when do they proccess payments? I remember that was smth like up to 7 days after payperiod ends, But usually how fast do they do it? Thank you
  16. Sophiestique


    I just sent an email to paxum asking about limits, and they told me its 3000USD/day. did u withdraw them all once or several times? maybe ATM was the problem
  17. Sophiestique


    did someone else used these days SEPA card? working properly?
  18. Sophiestique

    Paxum SEPA card have been frozen

    @ViviDoll yes! Cards are activa again. FCA lifted restrictions.
  19. Sophiestique

    Paxum SEPA card have been frozen

    Hi everyone! Good news from paxum. Just got this email Paxum Prepaid Mastercard Balance Return Dear As we're sure you already know, last Friday 26th June 2020 was the beginning of a confusing period when Wirecard Card Solutions Limited, the issuer of Paxum Branded Prepaid Mastercards...
  20. Sophiestique

    Paxum SEPA card have been frozen

    Totally agree with you. Try see if revolut account is available in your country, That should help.