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  1. zippypinhead

    Slow-burn horror TV?

    With the long form narrative structure of television, and the tendency to hold back on graphic content, you'd think there would be some good options when looking for horror television series that rely on intrigue and mystery, the build of creeping dread, drip-feeding information over many...
  2. zippypinhead

    I spent $2500 on a new laptop, so I could play a four-year-old game.

    No regrets. My current laptop is 8 years old, and still running great for daily use, but -- A couple years ago, I got super hooked into No Man's Sky. I put a few hundred hours into it, actually. I finished the main quest, and loved it for its wonky mysterious space opera weirdness. The game...
  3. zippypinhead

    Can y'all explain OnlyFans to me?

    I've missed this boat, and, as is the case with most social media tools, the site itself doesn't seem to do a very good job of explaining itself. So, I'm coming to the experts. What makes OnlyFans different from other paywall platforms?
  4. zippypinhead

    Artsy indies.

    Let's discuss them labors-of-love.
  5. zippypinhead

    A paid webhost that allows adult content?

    Are there any webhosts out there that I can use to build a personal website containing pinups and adult comics. Looking around, it's hard to get a straight answer about how "adult" the content can be through big hosts like Wix or Squarespace. I figured here would be a good place to ask, since so...
  6. zippypinhead

    Non-holiday shows or movies you associate with the holidays?

    I have a very distinct childhood memory of building gingerbread houses while watching The Three Amigos! and now because of that, I consider it a Christmas movie, even though it isn't. Anyone else have movies or shows that hit you the same way? Considering the holidays are a big time for...
  7. zippypinhead

    TV On The Internet

    There are so many streaming services out there these days, catering to so many niche interests. Aside from the big players, like Youtube, Twitch, Netflix, Hulu, and Prime. Anyone into stuff that's a bit less omnipresent?
  8. zippypinhead

    Petition to rename this forum to AmberFoodie

    At this point, maybe a food subforum might at least be worth considering?
  9. zippypinhead

    Cyberpunk 2077

    While I'm riding the E3 hype train, this one actually gave me chills. I'm more of a "patient" gamer, so I don't get really excited for new game releases all that often, but I've been waiting for this one for five years, ever since the first concept teaser was released. I haven't been so...
  10. zippypinhead

    New Fallout

    The internet has been losing its mind over the Bethesda Twitch stream for the last 24 hours, and I think it's only fair we join in. Wild speculation, go!
  11. zippypinhead

    Incel (Intolorable Celebrities)

    What's Bono been up to lately?
  12. zippypinhead

    The seriously obscure stuff you love.

    What are you a fanatic about that it seems nobody else knows or cares about?
  13. zippypinhead

    What's your favorite website to just go and idle away time?

    Aside from ACF, of course.
  14. zippypinhead

    Holiday Movies

    A couple of weeks from Christmas, and it's time to ramp up all the Holiday movie viewing. So, here's the annual discussion. What are your favorites? What have you seen, and what are you looking forward to?
  15. zippypinhead


    It looms ominously on the horizon! BOO! Also, I'm really loving this forum theme.
  16. zippypinhead

    The Fifth Element 20th Anniversary OMG HYPE!!!

    Of all the movies I've seen in the theater, the one I have the fondest memory for is The Fifth Element. I remember being absolutely blown away when I saw it, and because of that, it is my absolute favorite sci-fi movie. I love it like most people love Star Wars or The Matrix. Over the years...
  17. zippypinhead


    I'm digging the new season of Mystery Science Theater 3000. I'm also watching old episodes, too! Netflix and Hulu both have a good amount of episodes, and the crossover is surprisingly minimal. Netflix has a handful of the greatest hits, and Hulu has a bunch of the hidden gems.
  18. zippypinhead

    Point and Click

    The last time we had a topic on this was years ago, and the thread has been locked. It was a short but informative thread, so here's a link. I still love the format, and have been playing many lately. And every time I get into adventure games, the wheels start turning, and I begin wanting to...
  19. zippypinhead

    Sexy games!

    Anyone into sexy interactive media? What adult games or visual novels are out there that are fun to play? What about great games with good fanservice? I know there's a few folks around here who are into game design. Anyone dipping into the realm of AO material?
  20. zippypinhead

    Anyone Playing Nier?

    The more I look into Nier Automata and the games that came before it, the more intrigued I am. I think I'll be getting a PS4 in a month or two (so many awesome exclusives I want to play!) and this looks like a great action RPG, and a franchise with a lot of crazy lore I can get buried in...