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  1. Sophiestique

    chaturbate regular payments paxum

    Hello, been a while since i waited for a reglar payment at the end of payperiod, those who are using paxum, can you please tell me aproximately when do they proccess payments? I remember that was smth like up to 7 days after payperiod ends, But usually how fast do they do it? Thank you
  2. Sophiestique

    Hello there! Bandiwidith question.

    Hi there, some time ago i found on cb blog or smth the requirements for a decent broadcast also HD one where they said also how much Mbps upload u need for broadcasting.Yet now i cant find it anymore. Anyone has knowledge about it? thx in advance. stay safe everyone!
  3. Sophiestique

    Lovense browser question.

    Hello everyone! I recently reinstalled lovense browser ( Version 30.0.9 (Official Build) (32-bit) ) and for some reason i cannont accesc the toy menu. After setting toy, and worked for a day, next time i opened browser, when i click on the lovense icon in bar, i get nothing. Is there someone...
  4. Sophiestique

    Question for members 1st, models secondly:)

    I have recently seen in a room a topic as "make me feel hot and then fun starts". doesnt matter where that model is placed in rankings. how do you as member see this? when does she/he get hot? ( no lovense toys or others involved. no touching no nothing sexual, just teasing on cam) Model is...
  5. Sophiestique

    24th december bussiness day?

    Hello @punker barbie ! Can you please tell me if monday 24th December is a bussiness day? will daily payments be proccesed? Would like to know how to make my timing for cashing tokens. Thank you very much.
  6. Sophiestique

    Paxum card question.

    Hello ladies and gents. i just checked my paxum account and i can see it appeared a new card on the list, which i didnt ask for. Paxum Prepaid Card (EU) is listed. Does any of you see this new one? I'm assuming its for european models? ill add a prinscreen too.
  7. Sophiestique

    Paxum account limited

    Hello, does anyone have problems with paxun account becoming limited over night and being asked to submit ID again? ID card not expired or anything. Yesterday was waiting a chaturbate payment and when i checked paxum i see account limited. I submit ID again get confirmation from them all good...
  8. Sophiestique

    lush problem

    Hello ladies, im experiencing some problems with my lush, its connecting well to sites, but it doesnt vibrate any more... any of you had it same? is it gonna die soon? lol
  9. Sophiestique

    Chaturbate Help!

    I am contacting you regarding a problem that suport from site takes soo long to help me with. in a few words, on june 15 after site was down for a while, i saw that 200 tokens were missing from my account. I changed all my passwords, set the two step verification and emailed your coleagues...