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    Wonder Woman

    I saw it last night with my boyfriend and it was fantastic! Gal Gadot and Chris Pine give great performances and play off each other so well. It is my probably my favorite superhero movie so far. And I hope that will it make Marvel finally value their woman superheroes. It wasn't without its...
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    Alternatives to Logitech's Recording Software

    'Allo! I'm getting tired of trying to use the software included with my Logitech 910 to record videos. I cannot resize the overall window, options remain greyed out for no reason as far as I can tell, I continually have issues with sound, and so forth. Are there any alternatives to it that...
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    Sex Worker Friendly Donation Sites

    Are there any sites like Plumfund or GoFundMe that are sex worker friendly? I really want to create a place for people to be able to donate to my surgeries, but I'm always wary of giving my Plumfund out in a public space associated with my sex worker persona. Thanks!
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    Twitter's Tweet Promotion Program

    So twitter has a little program for promoting tweets and I was wondering if any of you use it and what your experiences with it are.
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    Who else has played this and what did you think? I thought it was a fantastic send-up to the run-and-gun FPSes of yore. And a superb reboot of a beloved series. It was great just being able to mindlessly kick some demon ass and for it to be so satisfying. All of the weapons feel great. The...
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    Random Thoughts You Are Having At This Moment

    I do not feel like I ever get to say tuchus. And I feel like that's a word I need in my repertoire.
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    Makeup Tips

    I was interested in learning how to do my makeup and I thought you all might have some people you follow that you would be willing to share. So for those of you that get their makeup skills from watching other people, please share who you follow!
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    Happy Holidays to All!

    Just wanted to say I wish you all happy holidays and that the rest of the year is kind to each and every one of you! Thanks for letting me be part of your community here. I enjoy the company of all the people here!
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    Steam Sale Today!

    Don't forget that today is the beginning of the Winter Steam Sale. :)
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    Random Thing You Love Right Now

    I guess we should have a counterpoint to the loathe thread to balance all the negativity!
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    Star Wars: Rogue One

    All I can say is WOW! Best Star Wars movie I have ever seen and one of my favorite movies ever. As a side note, this is not a movie for young kids. It is very dark and violent.
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    Random Things You Loathe Right Now

    What are sone things that really annoy you right now?
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    Did You Make A Lot of Mistakes

    I'm on my third week of camming and kind of getting down about all of the mistakes I feel I've made along the way. So I guess my question is: were you all stumbling around for a while until you began hitting your stride? What helped you get there?
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    Social Media Activity

    I've noticed among cam models that some of the most successful ones are supremely active on social media, like twitter, and interacting with fans outside of the camming medium. For me personally I struggle with this because I have almost zero desire to interact with fans outside of the main...
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    Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Slayers Unite!

    Hello, my fellow Slayers, we must chat.. Surely among this forum there are fans as rabid as I am for the show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. For those that are, I've decided to create this thread where we can discuss it. I thought maybe I'd start off with some questions to get some discussion going...
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    Chaturbate: Asking for Contact Info With Tokens

    So I'm faced with an issue with Chaturbate and that is the lack of communication the platform provides between cammer and their audience. I've thought about asking for people to give their emails or something else as part of their token message so I can communicate specials to them or for...
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    How Prostitutes Won the Wild West

    Loved this video!
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    Heyooo! So I made my big foray into camming the other day. It went pretty well relatively; however, I definitely need a tripod. I have a Logitech C910. Do any of you here have any particular recommendations? I'm pretty poor, so I can't shell out much right now. Thanks. :)
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    New Girl Status Chaturbate: Based on Hours or Date Account Made

    Is the new girl status determined by the amount of hours you have streamed heretofore or the date your account was made? Thank you!
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    Random Things Making You Laugh Right Now