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  1. Kiki Jane

    Accidentally sharing your cam site activities

    I have no idea how it happened, but a few years ago, I accidentally pasted a Streamate exclusive window into a Facebook chat to a friend. I have NO IDEA WHY fucking Streamate was copied to my clipboard. It was fucking scary. I told my friend not to look at it and she pretended she didn't, but...
  2. Kiki Jane

    Tips from a man to a camgirls (for free)

    He should check out this model they're talking about in another thread, ehotlovea. I heard she's a great fleecer.
  3. Kiki Jane

    Found Coworker on Chaturbate

    I agree, he's going to have to block her if he wants to avoid watching her. Or do something in her chat room that will make her block him for life.
  4. Kiki Jane

    CAM website, where a masturbating guy is the model and the girls are choosing

    This reminds me of that Simpsons episode where all these guys called the "Party Line" to talk to "the world's most beaufiful women".
  5. Kiki Jane

    Best site for femdom kinks? (Back after a break) ♥️

    It's not strictly camming, but Niteflirt is good for dommes. You can run a cam line on there, too!
  6. Kiki Jane

    So many lawyers...

    Maybe he could call all the female lawyers in his town and insist that he saw them on cam. Eventually one of them is likely to admit to her second career. Camming is lonely, so she'll be happy for someone to be in on her little secret and she'll give him free camshows for life.
  7. Kiki Jane

    Fake jobs?

    Your town might also have at-home phone jobs for local pizza places. Then, you could be totally unavailable between certain hours because you are on shift taking calls (it's like a remote call center, taking orders for pizza)
  8. Kiki Jane

    Is Streamate the only site that doesn't use a token system?

    SkyPrivate charges per minute for Skype shows. It's the Streamate of Skype sites...
  9. Kiki Jane

    Raceplay Requests

    Bit of both! It's anything where race is a factor, based on stereotypes. Typically, I get white guys who have a cuck fetish and like imagining their wives sleep with black guys. I'll do that, I find it harmless enough, just kind of corny.
  10. Kiki Jane

    Streamate question/answer and general information

    I like the block sessions because of pacing and planning! Members should just make sure that the model is ok with doing the show first. I've had bad experiences with mean, dominant members getting long block exclusives that I didn't enjoy at all, that I woudn't have agreed to if they asked, "Can...
  11. Kiki Jane

    Mackenzie Lueck

    Scary story, though. I saw the guy's Tinder profile on reddit, seemed normal enough (most people do). So, the murderer was writing a novel about burning people to death? Something like that happened in Canada. This wannabe filmmaker wrote a screenplay about a murderer, and actually murdered a...
  12. Kiki Jane

    I made a major mistake.....

    I'm glad you're feeling better! A lot of intelligent, very nice women and men (and friends beyond the binary) choose to do some form of sex work, and it's no reason to be ashamed, in and of itself :h: You got this!
  13. Kiki Jane


    I mean, being naked doesn't make you inherently interesting, even (especially) as a camgirl! We don't have to take our clothes off... Until we feel good enough... Oh yeah!
  14. Kiki Jane

    Funny and Weird request from members

    I had one who said he was into "naked butler roleplay" and I was giving it a fair go, but he just kept jumping around like an idiot and making really crazy faces. He looked like Keith Richards, and seemed really high on something. I thought butlers were supposed to be dignified.
  15. Kiki Jane

    I am looking for a mentor

    I'd say keep trying Streamate. Stick to certain hours/days that work for you, try unconventional hours if it's possible for you (in the midnight-8 AM North America range). When you find a time/day that's busier than others, stick to that time like glue. You will likely have regulars and make a...
  16. Kiki Jane

    Real Names

    Jane power!
  17. Kiki Jane

    Question for members 1st, models secondly:)

    Not a member, but if I were a dude into tip-based cam shows, I might enjoy open-ended no-goals shows, as an alternative to "insert x tokens and sex act y occurs". I do private-based camming, but I do have a couple of members who will tip for no reason because they like to hang out, so I imagine...
  18. Kiki Jane

    Recorded shows posted as live cams

    I'm interested in hearing about this! I know some camsites might use recorded videos in a misleading way, but I thought they were short films with actresses? I've also heard of recorded chatrooms being used as promotional videos, but models were aware this might happen (sexual acts and full...
  19. Kiki Jane

    Hi all

  20. Kiki Jane

    Prime example to show 4 yrs of "friendship" is not what it seems

    ...a 40 year old man who says "I thought I was your bestest friend" and throws big tantrums. I wouldn't make him mod of kindergarten circle time!