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  1. Danigirl

    Is there a reason for this?

    Chickie needs to find a new tactic. Clearly this backfires.
  2. Danigirl

    Stripchat direct deposit what’s it come up as

    They pay out on Tuesday's and it depends on your bank. First deposits can take longer. I usually get the direct deposits on Thursdays. When they switched banks on their end it took up to a week. This is normal. At least you get paid every week vs bimonthly with other sites.
  3. Danigirl

    Is there a reason for this?

    She's trying to manipulate you and I really despise that tactic. I'd suggest finding someone who appreciates whatever you tip
  4. Danigirl

    Questions from a (hopefully) self-aware member

    I've been in a sexless marriage half a decade ago. It sucked Soo bad and nothing I could do would make him desire me. So, being someone who had a high sex drive I started selling panties and custom vids because I wanted someone to want me. He said he was fine with it but secretly hated it. So I...
  5. Danigirl

    I hate token sites

    But you're still choosing to do this business. Change your mindset or this will be torture and you'll have huge mental and emotional ramifications. You can't choose to be in this profession and then choose to bitch about every single thing with it. Figure out how to make it work so you can be...
  6. Danigirl

    I ruined my life ! Need help please

    Whore is derogatory and offensive to most. I don't know anyone who calls themselves that even if they offer full service. And I was responding to OP saying she was worried someone would tell her kids she's a whore when she's simply a cam model. One has legal consequences and one is perfectly...
  7. Danigirl

    Should I quit camming before it ruins my future career (social work)

    I never took it as a bribe route, just that if you have a history of being stupid with finances, your past is most likely to repeat itself unless there's understandable reasons. I didn't want anyone's bad financial decisions to impact their potential job role in the company I worked for. I had...
  8. Danigirl

    Weird situation with cam girl from europe

    If you've communicated daily for 3 years, nothing we say is going to make you trust what ya already doubt. Probably also not going to change your mind about giving the poor EE studio model your money. Read the other threads linked and there you go. Personally, I think your money is better off...
  9. Danigirl

    Things Members Say That Make You Go "WTF?"

    Yeah I don't get it. I only report the really creepy stuff that goes against TOS. Just block and move on if that bothers you so much. I wouldn't even know how to report that. Report he's going somewhere? That he's betting?
  10. Danigirl

    Can someone please explain to me why I am not making any money?

    I wasn't a fan of SM personally. I tried other sites and found my fave two are stripchat and MFC. I make the most on those two platforms. Takes a bit to ramp up if you're new because a toooon of new models signed up with the whole covid crap shutting down workplaces. Stripchat used to average...
  11. Danigirl

    Things Members Say That Make You Go "WTF?"

    Today is almost everything they said in chat. Please take the time to read the fucking topic before you ask questions or demand shit. Both explained in the lovely topic you see when you enter the room.
  12. Danigirl

    Pm-ing models

    I seriously hate 95% of PMs I get so I can understand why you hate it on your end. I don't ever initiate PMs unless it's to thank a high tipper or get additional info to add people to snap or mail panties. Otherwise, talk in my damn room. I have it locked down to friends only on MFC but...
  13. Danigirl

    have you told your significant other about camming?

    I don't think it's wrong to be nervous to tell a new love interest something that tends to carry a negative social connotation. Sex worker business is all hush hush because people have preconceived stigmas around it. I don't think OP has deep seated trust issues as it's a very real issue for...
  14. Danigirl

    Should I quit camming before it ruins my future career (social work)

    When I hired and fired people in corporate, I mostly looked at relevant work experience, explanations of gaps of employment, too many jobs with only a few months worked in each, criminal background checks, drug tests, and pulled credit reports to see if you would be a risk with a corporate...
  15. Danigirl

    Watch out for "derangedmaverick"

    This is a pretty normal request as in "normal" in terms of frequency of it being asked for. It's also extremely popular taboo tag and views in content. Not saying it's right or that you should do it (I don't because that grosses me out) but it is something that I get asked for sooo much and yep...
  16. Danigirl

    Should I quit camming before it ruins my future career (social work)

    Not trying to be a jerk, but if someone is already doing sex work for a decent amount of time like most of us and OP, isn't the damage already done if they do extensive background checks? I thought long and hard before starting if this is something I could live with in regards to relationships...
  17. Danigirl

    Do you think I would make more or less if I wasn't severely anorexic?

    I'm almost 5'9" and if I go below 140 I look like I'm sick and lose most of my curves and below 135 and I look gaunt. Guys have no clue. I wear a US size 4 and that does not qualify as "chubby-er" even though I probably need to strength train more for my own benefit. Bmi of 12 is basically...
  18. Danigirl

    Chaturbate Analytics

    This would be great if it could be utilized for MFC and stripchat to do splitcamming analysis. I'd love to be able to track what show and times work best on each site and compare. I have rough ideas of it in my head but don't want to spend all the time it would take to break everything out.
  19. Danigirl

    Currently happy on Stripchat but i'm unsure whether to branch out to other sites or invest all my time into this one?

    If stripchat is overwhelming you I wouldn't splitcam right away. Personally, I splitcam but only after comfortable with each site and had a following. Splitting can be overwhelming to newbies. I'd focus on improving where you are unless you're having trouble getting any income. It takes time...
  20. Danigirl

    Hi I need some help

    Oh for fuck's sake this is horrible advice. Dump the asshole boyfriend and shoot her a warning about doxxing and implications it has on any type of US Visa then block her. Best revenge is success. Shitty thing about camming is the possibility of doxxing. Sucks but it happens way more than it...