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  1. Cheesecake

    How can I change my target audience?

    So my target audience is toxic. It is primarily men who like to gang up on me and have me do things (mostly through manipulation like "I am going to cancel my OF unless you do it" and all the comments agree) of causing me harm and forcing me to do things I clearly state redundantly I do not want...
  2. Cheesecake

    Recent Photography Tread!

    I noticed the only photography thread has been closed for further replies, So I figured I'd do another one :o So many of you are incredibly creative and skilled and I would love to see yours and post some of mine as well. Doesn't have to be you, etc.
  3. Cheesecake

    Error Publishing Stream?

    I have tried on 3 different browsers including my phone, google isn't pulling anything up either. I attached a gif of what is happening D:
  4. Cheesecake

    Fan account?

    So I am not a popular model, but this person comes in every so often, no idea who it is, but my question isssss Are fan accounts normal? ;o I never saw this with any other stream i've seen