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  1. VenusDarkStar_MFC

    Sub or dom

    I am both I guess. But more dominate in real life and on cam( well use to cam) Sub is more rare I guess lol.
  2. VenusDarkStar_MFC

    Inanimate objects that weirdly turn you on.

    the smell of laundry detergent And fresh clothes smell from when you buy it from the store Fresh leather Anything cocanut smelling And oddly enough school rulers something about them, I think it’s becsuse you can spank yourself with it. So it gives me naughty thoughts.
  3. VenusDarkStar_MFC

    No I am not

    No I am not
  4. VenusDarkStar_MFC

    It’s prob cause I changed it

    It’s prob cause I changed it
  5. VenusDarkStar_MFC

    Weird idk then lol

    Weird idk then lol
  6. VenusDarkStar_MFC

    Whats your favorite romance TV show?

    haha I would have to say the vampire diaries. Best show I would say too bad it had to end .
  7. VenusDarkStar_MFC

    What is the worst movie you have ever seen?

    I’ll probably get shit for this but I would have to say the new Star Wars movies. I didn’t like them compared to the old ones.
  8. VenusDarkStar_MFC

    What was the last movie/show you watched?

    I watched this new show called Big mouth It’s on Netflix and it’s funny as fuck! It’s about teen puberty and the life cycle they go through as teenagers. It’s funny it makes my day and it defiantly beats South Park and family guy in humor. Give it a shot I promise you will thank me later ❤️
  9. VenusDarkStar_MFC

    Scariest game you've played

    Dying light was the scariest game for me. But it didn’t make me jump or anything it made me little scared but not too bad.
  10. VenusDarkStar_MFC

    First Camgirl (Or Guy) Crush Ever?

    my first cam girl ever to ever want me to become one was kati3kat she is down to earth, bubbly, genuine and just all around amazing. (Also she helped me with my depression) an showed me it’s okay to be corky and geeky and goofy and not be scared to be yourself. My cam girl crush would have to...
  11. VenusDarkStar_MFC

    How do you deal with depression?

    Well I am not the one to open up about things like this but I guess I’ll do it anyways. I have been suffering from PTSD, anxiety and depression since my ex (fiancé) beat me and mentally broke me down to where I don’t even feel like I should be able to smile or be able to live a normal happy...
  12. VenusDarkStar_MFC

    Hugh Hefner has died

    So an article that someone wrote, made you think other wise about him? For all you know that could be false news or fake news. Can’t believe everything you read on the internet. Js not trying to be rude but like I read half way through the article and chuckled because it’s fake news that someone...
  13. VenusDarkStar_MFC

    Whats your favorite kind of pizza?

    i mostly get either Ham and cheese and pineapple Or Cheese and veggies Or Feta cheese and mozzarella with olive oil
  14. VenusDarkStar_MFC

    Wow it’s been ages since I was on this!

    Wow it’s been ages since I was on this!
  15. VenusDarkStar_MFC

    haven't been on this lovely site in a hot minute.. lol.

    haven't been on this lovely site in a hot minute.. lol.
  16. VenusDarkStar_MFC

    First camsite you visited

    ha ha mine was good old chaturbate because a friend recommended it... i was like wait why? and they said because there is awesome people on there and thats when i got hooked on a model named Kati3kat! and then i moved to MFC because i heard there was awesome people there and good pay and etc...
  17. VenusDarkStar_MFC

    Help me decide about LiveJasmin

    i personally wouldn't pick Livejasmine i tried that site and i didn't have any luck! its all about luck, plus they have high traffic and you never know if you are going to be seen or not because of the ADS that pop up from other shows. i personally wouldn't go for it. but thats just me anyways.
  18. VenusDarkStar_MFC

    Miss MFC 2016

    everyone has a perspective on the whole contest thing i personally think everyone should get a shot at the contest thing but sometimes its so competitive that its like impossible to get up there no matter how hard you try. but we all have our agrees and disagrees on it.
  19. VenusDarkStar_MFC

    Difference between porn and erotica

    Porn is just poor acting in the porn world and when girls make videos of there own its more of creativity and persona erotica to me is more of a love story turned into a book/movie 50 shades of grey is an example of erotica pornhub is porn LOL thats the best i can give for an example and...
  20. VenusDarkStar_MFC

    Miss MFC 2016

    Well that may work for her and stuff but its not a good way to get money. it may work for her but someone watching her might think oh let me take her idea of being bratty and snooty and let me try to ask people for tokens. i just don't like her ideas of earning cash! also i know it doesn't...