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  1. JickyJuly

    Should I quit camming before it ruins my future career (social work)

    I've had good luck with female therapists hearing me out after telling them (vaguely) what I do for a living. One told me she had done nude modelling in her younger days and another went on a rant over why sex work prohibition was intrinsically misogynist. I would guess that if you are flexible...
  2. JickyJuly

    Do you think I would make more or less if I wasn't severely anorexic?

    I found a site that allows women to upload their photos, size, weight, height so that we can see more "real life" depictions of body types. Any of these women could likely make themselves look gaunt on cam if they wanted to with camera angles. All well over 80 pounds.
  3. JickyJuly

    Do you think I would make more or less if I wasn't severely anorexic?

    I don't think those of you answering anything but no are actually reading her specs. She said down the page a bit that she is 78 pounds and 5 ft 7. She's an inch taller than me, and I've got 30 pounds on her. That's not a scientific way of going as we all carry weigh differently, but at my...
  4. JickyJuly

    Do you think I would make more or less if I wasn't severely anorexic?

    The cost of being anorexic is high and lifelong. Even if you stick with the shallow parts, you're doing damage to your body that will stay with you. I haven't been actively eating disordered since I was 24/25. I'm 38 and my teeth have been through it. What you're doing now will show up later if...
  5. JickyJuly

    User comment, not necessarily an MFC complaint. ISO your thoughts.

    oh awesome! i haven't cammed in forev. i think one of my regs said 2015? eep. but, i always thought that was the only thing chaturbate had over mfc. good for them!
  6. JickyJuly

    Do cam models get sponsorships?

    I've been offered things by companies run by band dudes. Never pans out. Always seemed to come with the idea that they got something more out of it than shared advertisement.
  7. JickyJuly

    Your thought about stolen content

    Annoying. I get some taken down if I find them unflattering or in places like forums where dudes are kind of super impressed with one another for purchasing and sharing. I do enjoy see what they label me to get clicks though. "hentai" "teen" "asian" "milf" "big nose". all hilarious.
  8. JickyJuly

    User comment, not necessarily an MFC complaint. ISO your thoughts.

    i really liked cb's password shows options and the relaxed feel when they started. but, i prefer mfc's business model and treatment by far. cb had a lot of promise, but for my perspective, they dropped the ball pretty dang quickly.
  9. JickyJuly

    Legality of pre-recorded cam shows?

    Because that would remind models that they own anything streamed there and tip them off that they're seen as disposable. Not good for business, and it doesn't encourage members to bother paying anyone either. If they were pre-recorded porn being streamed without SM's consent, those would be...
  10. JickyJuly

    OnlyFans - Bringing out the friendliness in models

    To go back to the original concept, which probably no one wants to do... but I was thinking about it.... so here we go! If there are mean girls, do they even need to do a 180 to get other girls to retweet their OF stuff? Even the ladies that I'd (mostly quietly) label the drama llamas seem to...
  11. JickyJuly

    OnlyFans - Bringing out the friendliness in models

    When I started MFC, I tanked my camscore bad. Had zero idea what I was doing. Several successful models rescued me enough that I was able to go from a 300 camscore to over 2k. I think the default is basically that women enjoy helping one another. Or at least seeing one another succeed. But...
  12. JickyJuly


    It's pretty much like any other service industry job except that you can take it too personally. As sex is controversial, you can turn these feelings into negativity toward men or toward yourself. Really though, as someone who's done hair and waitressed, you meet similar types of people in all...
  13. JickyJuly

    Pregnant Fetish Advice?

    seriously, anything. don't overthink it. no matter how many clips you make, you'll wish you'd done more. i have clips trying to touch my toes with the giant belly. clips itching my belly. a lot of fetishes have overlap with pregnant. alien/monster loves pregnant bellies. if you can work your...
  14. JickyJuly

    CAM website, where a masturbating guy is the model and the girls are choosing

    You would need to charge a lot more money and expect a handful of girls to be clicking all of them, getting paid and not really giving these paying folks one on one attention. Men would likely just be paying to feel that they were chosen instead of choosing which is an understandable desire...
  15. JickyJuly

    I fucked up new model status. Camscore is low af. Is there even a way out or should I start over?

    I rebuilt my camscore after a bad start, but that was a long time ago. Definitely seems harder now. If you're near the 1000 mark still, it's probably worth sticking with what you have. Most people who have their page set to default are likely to scroll down to that level to see the new girls I'd...
  16. JickyJuly

    New Camming Website - Taste My Creme - Registrations And Suggestions Welcome

    tastemytoilettebrush would be better. do that one next.
  17. JickyJuly

    My experience with MFC / Models Earnings

    and now it all makes sense.
  18. JickyJuly

    My experience with MFC / Models Earnings

    Most girls on MFC are just getting by like anyone else. There are definitely girls making more than the average person and a few making more than the average person even dreams to. It's pretty easy to figure out who those are. The girls at 1000 camscore and below are likely making an average to...
  19. JickyJuly

    Lifespan of a Member/Follower

    I think it's kind of the same as any friendship endurance wise. Some stay for the long haul and stay the same. Some stay and evolve along the way. Some flit in then out or in and out. I haven't cammed in a long time, but I did during many different phases and this was my experience anywhoo.
  20. JickyJuly

    Anyone here active duty or a vet?

    I scored really high on it and wasn't asked to retake, but that was 20 years ago. Did she do any interviews yet? I interviewed with the Navy but chickened out. Sort of wish I'd gone. Would have been good for someone like myself to have stability trained in. Hehehe. I don't think I'd have been...