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  1. laurxryder93

    Has a member ever sent you a check in the mail as a gift?

    I would say Circle or Bitcoin/other cryptocurrency is the way to go. I'm pretty sure delivery code takes a cut for cash gifts.
  2. laurxryder93

    Has a member ever sent you a check in the mail as a gift?

    I suppose they could leave the "pay to order of" line blank and then the model could just fill it in to cash. still don't recommend though. then there's the issue of waiting for it to clear, will it bounce?, etc etc
  3. laurxryder93

    ACF Update in the works, need input! Poll:

    Darker theme because it seems I'm always on here in the middle of then night. xD
  4. laurxryder93


  5. laurxryder93

    What's your chill out game?

    Ori and the Blind Forest on xbox one. Idk who couldn't be relaxed listening to that soundtrack.
  6. laurxryder93

    Some ideas to make "token money"

    I've made a lot of Fiverr and Mturk. Fiverr is good if you have some kind of easy and quick skill. Mturk is a lot of data entry but there are forums that do a great job of explaining everything (Like Turkerhub). If you're into passive earning, try EarnHoney. Actually just check out the entire...
  7. laurxryder93

    What's your favorite website to just go and idle away time?

    Reddit. Its full of endless surprises.
  8. laurxryder93

    1st photo shoot

    So, I use a tripod, a DSLR and a remote shutter. As long as your camera has the ability for a remote shutter you don't even need a fancy camera. My profile picture is an example of a solo shoot without my ring light on. The gossamer type curtains, white bedspread and warm lights are a super...
  9. laurxryder93

    CamCon in miami 2018

    I was just looking into this too! Looking forward to seeing some vets post about it.
  10. laurxryder93

    Non-Nude Camming Advice

    My first night I literally just sat on cam in a white tank top and chatted with the guys that talked to me. The most I did was flash boobs. It was a big hit because they could see nipples through the shirt and got all hot and bothered. That kind of show goes better for me than actually getting...
  11. laurxryder93

    Whatcha been playing?

    Hubby and I rented AC Origins last night. Loving the Egyptian themes obvious but I don't think I'll ever get used to the UI on xbox. ugh.
  12. laurxryder93

    Beginner's questions- please help a girl out!

    Girls with glasses! How do you deal with the awful glare from the computer screen and/or lighting? Any tips or do you just roll with it.
  13. laurxryder93

    Makeup Style On Cam

    I go between a dark nude lip with a cat eye or glossy lip with a smokey eye. It usually depends on if I'm wearing glasses or not. Winged liner tends to show up better if I'm wearing glasses. I also go pretty heavy on the contour and bronzer because the lighting makes me look deader than I...
  14. laurxryder93

    Beginner needing advice:)

    To follow some of the above posters, definitely consider all career options you might want in the future. Things in the public sector, working with children and probably government as well may flag your background check when they look at your previous 1-9s from other employers. They will be on...
  15. laurxryder93

    Get any new games for Christmas/over the holidays?

    My other half and I got Far Cry Primal and I bought myself Ori and the Blindforest (which I totally recommend btw!)
  16. laurxryder93

    Sex songs

    Wicked Games by the Weekend. Hands down.
  17. laurxryder93

    Best Cover Song?

    Ahhh. I love so many. I like Pop Goes Punk type-stuff and acoustic versions of alt rock.
  18. laurxryder93

    What was the last movie/show you watched?

    I just got caught up with Blacklist on Netflix. What do I do with my life now??
  19. laurxryder93

    Who the F*$%# are you?! Introduce yourself here.

    Hey everyoneee. I'm Lauren and I'm one of those genuine girl-next-door types. I'm shy af in real life but love expressing myself in this way. I'm into alt rock music, traveling, and photography (of all types). Looking to make some friends and learn a bit!