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    New Account banned for underage

    A friend of mine had this problem, it was because she used a document which was issued several years ago and it had a very old photo where she looked very young. The site refused to verify her probably because they couldn't confirm that a person holding the document is the one which photo is on...
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    Ban after studio ban, is there a possibility to get a response from support?

    In our case it's impossible to resolve the problem of a studio ban, because our studios no longer exist. Nobody will ever be able to respond to any e-mails which CB might have sent to the owners of the master studio accounts, nor individual models accounts. We only hope to get a response...
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    Ban after studio ban, is there a possibility to get a response from support?

    I also still need help with this issue, @punker barbie, anyone.. please help :sweating:
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    Studio account banned = permanent ban from CB??

    Oh... so I write an entire post about how I think it's unfair to blame people for other people's sins, and you answer me by doing exactly that... Why would I need a judge to clear my name? Clear my name of what? Neither me, nor any of the models who worked for the studio were accused of doing...
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    Studio account banned = permanent ban from CB??

    Hello @punker barbie and everybody. I wanted to share a story about a problem that me and some other models have recently encountered. I used to work for a studio, which went defunct at the end of February, due to some legal trouble concerning its organizers. Some time later I found out that...
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    New account banned for no reason.

    Hello @punker barbie I have a similar issue as Titi, we previously worked for the same studio, my nickname was penelopa77. I took a break in broadcasting in mid-February.. while on this break I learned that my studio was going through some trouble and went out of business (I live 4000 km away...
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    Who the F*$%# are you?! Introduce yourself here.

    Hello I am Astrid, a CB model since 2 years, who recently has some trouble with account and I joined this forum in hope to be able to solve my problems :blush: