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  1. MissElly

    has ANYONE gotten a Paxum card yet?

    Seriously, has ANYONE received their card from Paxum? And is Paxum really the only viable option for those of us who cant do bank transfers?
  2. MissElly

    Thoughts on Paxum!

    Sorry for reviving an old thread, but has anyone actually received Paxum cards yet? I personally have been waiting since May, and the last correspondence Ive had with Paxum said that it would be a few days. That was a week ago.
  3. MissElly


    I have both Paxum and ePayments accounts set up and verified, but I dont know which one I should be registering with chaturbate. Ive read some horror stories about both, and I dont know how either payment option actually works, which makes it difficult to decide which to go with. I ordered a...
  4. MissElly


    thanks, Ill try to give it a read through. As I said in my post I'm on the spectrum so the meandering nature of these threads makes it hard for me to get a proper overview of what info there is :S Im still mourning firstchoicepay going down, I've been a loyal customer for over 5 years and it...
  5. MissElly

    CB alternate payment methods?

    Hi, Ive been trawling the threads on here trying to figure out the best alternate payment methods to FCP for CB (yes I know Im late to the game) but I havent been able to figure out anything concrete. At the moment it's a toss up betwen ePayments and Paxum, both of which Ive read some pretty...
  6. MissElly

    Royalty free music?

    I’ve been avoiding making videos that would require music, but I have a handful of videos that I’m chomping at the bit to make but they require music. And I have no idea where to find good quality, royalty free music. Any leads?
  7. Nora


    Wtf o_o
  8. Elly’s rando stuff

    Elly’s rando stuff

  9. MissElly

    What is one thing holding you back from being succesful?

    Time. I wouldn’t say it’s holding me back, it’s just slowing the process down. I’m a single mom who’s also got full time school, so I can’t spend half as much time and energy on this as I wish I could. But it’s a marathon and I want it to become something steadily successful, so I’m plodding...
  10. MissElly

    Streamate question/answer and general information

    that looks like the page I signed up through, yeah. I went to streammate's home page and scrolled down to the bottom, where there was a "sign up as a model" link and clicked that (just double checked and yeah, thats where I signed up)
  11. MissElly

    Streamate question/answer and general information

    So I just signed up to streammate, but I couldnt find this thread and I couldnt remember Vanessa's twitter or website for signing up aghhh. Im guessing it's too late now to somehow link through?
  12. MissElly

    Daily Thoughts

    wondering, is it possible to die of too much cleaning? Cuz I think Im dying of too much cleaning.
  13. MissElly

    Whats your favorite kind of pizza?

    thin crust, fetta, mascarpone, squash, spinach/rucola any type of spanish salami, and cherry tomatoes. Add a side of melted garlic butter and Im in heaven (now Im hungry. Ive never made exactly this pizza, but being a chef student my brain just auto-compiled what Id most like to see on a pizza...
  14. MissElly

    Daily Thoughts

    Im gonna second this, need input for the long haul broadcasts
  15. MissElly

    Who the F*$%# are you?! Introduce yourself here.

    Hiii bbs <3 Intro time. I started camming around 4 years ago, and did that for about a year. Life stuff happened, and I stopped. A little over a month ago, I finally gathered up the courage to dust off the old chaturbate account. It's slow going, and it'll no doubt take me FOREVER to build an...
  16. MissElly

    Hare you a slut? Are you proud?

    Im in the camp of repossessing the word "slut". I'll be the first to admit to anyone that Im a raging slut, and I like it. I am 100% open about my sexuality, and embrace new experiences whenever possible. Sure, I do vet, and I can have "dry" periods by choice, but I firmly believe that there is...
  17. MissElly

    The Most Embarassing Moment WHILE On Broadcast

    Farted in freecam while taking out a plug O_o wasnt a loud one, and no one said anything, but I know the amount they can hear through my mic. I can whisper like death and they hear it crystal clear, so dead certain it was heard. That and getting my period while going full ape on a flesh colored...
  18. MissElly

    FFM or MMF in a threesome?

    been there done that on FMF, dunno if it was the participants but it's not my cup of tea. Im a fiercely alpha female so Im not good at the cliche "guy as the head of the threesome and girls are extensions". Depends tho, if I had a FMF with a sub F and M. Something to think of. Not been in...
  19. MissElly

    A Public Chaturbate Thread

    What is your favorite app? Why? The auto-reset token goal has always been a favorite, it's so versatile and can be made to fit almost any kind of show How do you generally structure your shows? The structure is very laid back, but also very goal oriented. Basically mini-goals are in place with a...