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  1. AlexaCrush

    Steam Summer Sale 2019

    Hey all! I'm wondering what y'all are planning on getting in the Steam Summer Sale this year. Anything you'd recommend others' get? I already have Portal and Portal 2 in my cart. :)
  2. AlexaCrush

    Members asking for you to follow them

    What do you do when a member asks you to follow them back on twitter? Or for that matter, another model or other sex-work related twitter profile? Is this a common thing that happens? How do you deal?
  3. AlexaCrush

    Female Doctor Who

    Who else is excited? I stopped watching after David Tennant left just because I didn't have access to cable (I moved) and I didn't have any way of seeing the newer episodes with Peter Capaldi so I have no idea what's been up with the show since then. I liked Jodie Whittaker in Broadchurch...
  4. AlexaCrush

    Where do you guys look when camming?

    Hey everyone! I was online for the first time last night (wooho) and realized I wasn't really sure where I should be looking while camming, or if that even matters. I assume looking into the webcam is preferred because that would be the closest to eye contact with the viewers, but I keep finding...