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  1. MelodyMoon


    I'm polyamorous with only one partner at the moment. He's the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me. I'm also still married to, but separated for several years from my husband (who is also the father of my two children). My partner and I have four kids altogether, ages 12, 11, 10...
  2. MelodyMoon

    Your favourite MFC games

    I'd love that list, too!
  3. MelodyMoon

    Fave Wishlist Sites

    I'll tell you, the spoiledonline mobile app may just win me over. Rawr.
  4. MelodyMoon

    Fave Wishlist Sites

    I'm going to try using giftrocket for gift cards, and I still have to figure out what to do for wishlists. Thanks for the spoiledonline rec--I didn't like deliverycode because it seemed limited with what you could add. I also really do need to get a PO Box.
  5. MelodyMoon

    What small gesture makes you feel loved?

    Ooh yeah, hugs from behind. I'm not a tiny person (5'9") and it never fails to make me feel petite and protected. Having someone cook for me, or cook WITH me. Making me coffee. Waking me up with a 'morning, sunshine' and a kiss on the head. Letting me borrow his shirt with his scent all...
  6. MelodyMoon

    Significant other watching your videos/live feed?

    This is really interesting to me--I'm not sure. I would probably get self-conscious if he were watching. He is all for it--I'm the outgoing flirtatious geek, which I think helps, and he's more introverted and quiet. He's so anti-judgemental that he often doesn't even have an opinion one way...
  7. MelodyMoon

    Pets and Animals

    Ooooh, my kinda thread!!! I'm down to just a dog and a cat right now (Dash, my Cardi, and Monster) because I was paring down, but last year we had a ferret, a duck, five chickens, six angora rabbits, a cat, and a dog. IMG_1093 by MelodyMoon posted Mar 10, 2016 at 5:36 PM IMG_1810 by...
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  9. IMG_1810


  10. Critters


  11. MelodyMoon

    Who the F*$%# are you?! Introduce yourself here.

    Hey all, I'm Melody. I've been looking into camming for awhile now, and am going to start at MFC next week once I get some decent profile pics taken. I'm excited and nervous and super hopeful that camming can untether me. I want to travel! I look forward to delving into this site. *waves*