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  1. SMuser69

    Should mental health be tracked by cam sites?

    This probably a very difficult topic but it's long overdue to be discussed. Thinking about the article that was discussed in this post, while it doesn't say the model had mental health issues, the inability to say no to the point were it goes again self-preservation doesn't sound normal at all...
  2. SMuser69

    Sites for lingerie more designed for implants?

    One of favorite models just had her second surgery and also got a breast lift and so now she has a set of 'bolt ons' that completely resist gravity effects. Most of the items that she already have now sit too low (things like low clevage V shape teddies for example and even halter style tops...
  3. SMuser69

    SM allowing members to 'suggest' model's rates

    Got You!! April Fools!!
  4. SMuser69

    Looks like discord might be forced to drop the hammer to save itself

    I know many of you models where switching to discord because they had no real behavior policies but as usual bad actors seem to be ruining it for everyone. How long you think before they restrict their TOS...
  5. SMuser69

    SM beta

    I see SM is showing off their new beta site. Pro; 1. DARK MODE 2. Much faster preview loading 3. Better layout of the bio 4. Much improved transcoding. I don't know if they did anything extra on the backend but delay is reduced. Here's how the main page looks. Probably looks the same to many...
  6. SMuser69

    SM seems to have started a crusade against the model bots.

    They wouldn't do anything about them for so long then suddenly starting a few weeks ago some of the model bots that have been on for years began to get their accounts deleted. I'm wondering what finally made them suddenly take action to this extreme?
  7. SMuser69

    Halloween: camming in costume

    What costume/character if you had a means would you ever consider wearing on Halloween on cam? This is mostly a 'What if' thread so characters you might not feel you have the body to match or don't remotely look like are fine. Which character you think your chat room would have the most fun...
  8. SMuser69

    Do men 'baby talk'?

    Everyone's seen when a woman's been around or only been talking with little kids for far to long and returns to talking to adults sometimes they get stuck using the 'baby talking' tone. As a guy maybe I've never noticed it but do women notice if men also can get stuck 'baby talking' for the same...
  9. SMuser69

    Things people do on twitter that annoy you?

    Things like when you pose a sarcastic as a question in a tweet and someone feels you're suddenly open for debate. When you are having a conversation with someone and a random third party adds themselves to the conversation. When someone needs to virtue off a comment you made when it's clear...
  10. SMuser69

    Chips or Dip?

    If you're going to a party (like a Superbowl party for example) and are supposed to only bring one or the other, which do you pick and what type or chips or dips would you bring?
  11. SMuser69

    Why isn't MAX controlling a tip item?

    I been doing a few sessions with my regular model where we both trade lovense control during the session. I then noticed there was an entire subreddit about control swaps. Are models getting MAX control requests yet? If you are what reasons are there not to? Considering how easy this has become...
  12. SMuser69

    Dressing up the webcam

    I had a discussion about this a few days ago and wanted to hear more models thoughts. I talked to two models about this, one of them has her webcam in a stuffed animal because it helps her visualize the cam as something to talk two while the other just pretends the cam isn't there and focus on...
  13. SMuser69

    Handling tip menu disputes

    How these are handled is a very common problem between model/member. When a member tips then argues the model didn't perform the correct tip menu item or did nothing at all. How's the best way to resolve the situation? As a member when you see a model ban immediately it's a red flag that the...
  14. SMuser69

    SM discontinued their recorded videos

    Was talking to SM support today. Looks like they no longer doing that random pvt video recording they put on models profiles. They basically refunded my month video viewing subscription. From talking to the support guy (even thought he's support I usually don't hold them 100% to their info)...
  15. SMuser69

    Does the vending machine culture affect you?

    With interactive toys has spawned the age of vending machine models. How do I define this 1. All chat interactions handled by bots 2. Model only response to the tip activation, does not attempt to type or react in any other way to chat 3. No verbal interaction. This definition is not about a...
  16. SMuser69

    Video competition vs cam competition

    When you making videos do you feel they have more competition against them since both other cam girls AND large production companies produce videos at the same time vs when you're just camming and only competing with the cam models online at that time? Or you don't see videos existing in an even...
  17. SMuser69

    What tags do models use without really understanding them?

    What profile tags do you see model continually use without any understanding of what they mean or pick when they don't meet the category just show up in more searches and end up leading to confusion? Like A cup models using "big tits" tags. Models that use "roleplay" tag because she has a...
  18. SMuser69

    Star Trek Discover teaser

    I guess they didn't want to be shown up by The Orville
  19. SMuser69

    The Orville

    Fox makes a Trek parody series to counter Discover
  20. SMuser69

    Is youkandy an affiliate?

    Is a primary site or an affiliate of another site?