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  1. Emberblaze

    Are you finding a tip controlled sex machine?

    😍 I want this so much! *Drools*
  2. Emberblaze

    OnlyFans - Bringing out the friendliness in models

    Maybe they were all secretly buddies behind the scenes already and all the drama guys have been jerking off to for years was all fabricated and fake. 🤷
  3. Emberblaze

    advice on dating a cam model

    In before Audri tells you to get a back tattoo. Honestly your replies to this will probably be fairly negative. A lot of models run "love scams" as in pretend they have feelings to get more money from someone. But most treat this as their profession and would never get involved with a...
  4. Emberblaze

    A market for swoliness?

    I think this would do really well for domination as well.
  5. Emberblaze

    Should mental health be tracked by cam sites?

    I can't believe that the words "kink shaming" were used after Paige talked about pedophiles and beastiality. Are you for real?
  6. Emberblaze

    Can't figure her out

    WEAR A FUCKING CONDOM. THERE IS NO EXCUSE NOT TO. Unless your dick is magically so big that magnum xl's don't fit in which case YOU CAN STILL USE THE FC2 female condom. No excuse. None. My bf's dick BARELY fits in a magnum xl and he's still ok with using them. You can know someone your entire...
  7. Emberblaze

    Can't figure her out

    *Blinks* Oh my dear god...
  8. Emberblaze

    Very inappropriate messages from members...Can we do anything about it?

    What the fuck have you been smoking? There's a giant difference between saying "mmmm love to fuck you bb" and forcing rape fantasies on them. Rape play is a genuine kink that can absolutely be played out online between CONSENTING PEOPLE. Members that wish to partake in rape play that aren't...
  9. Emberblaze

    Conspiracy Theories with Shane Dawson?

    Agreed. I watch both Ryland and his sister Morgan's channel. Hopefully Shane's new series will be out soon!
  10. Emberblaze

    Conspiracy Theories with Shane Dawson?

    Don't worry, Shane's always relevant to me 😂
  11. Emberblaze

    Sending money to models outside U.S.

    sending as opposed to .om gift cards might be a good option. We're reall limited by what we can buy from .com here and the imort fee's usually work out very poorly and end up being more than our sales tax. I've done the math on several items and found it would be cheaper if the member...
  12. Emberblaze

    People with chronic illness...

    Streamate and clips play better with chronic illness than MFC/charturbate where consistency is more important.
  13. Emberblaze


    For what it's worth I saw the model on question naked the other day so she does do cum shows when she feels like it.
  14. Emberblaze

    possibly scammed by model

    Seriously? I thought MFC was better than that.
  15. Emberblaze

    possibly scammed by model

    Contact MFC support with all of this info.
  16. Emberblaze

    Having issues with my fps

    Check your lighting too. If your cam is automatically compensating for low light it can drive your fps down
  17. Emberblaze

    Jealous of other cammodels

    Always been my thoughts on the matter. And if you are sitting there thinking "I am hustling as hard as I can" try hustling another way. I have reinvented my shows 30 times in 4 years. If it's not working try something new or read a book on sales tactics. We are more in competition with ourselves...
  18. Emberblaze


    I totally missed all of this but it makes it WAY funnier.
  19. Emberblaze


    😂😂😂😂😂😂 I'll have you you know I'm very pretty and only half as fat as I used to be 😂😂😂😂😂😂 *Wipes snack crumbs on pant legs* Imagine being so fragile that you get this angry because someone called you out for being obsessed with a model that won't dildo herself for you.
  20. Emberblaze

    Abusive Member List - Streamate

    Streamates totally different. When guys are mean to me I get more exclusives 😂