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  1. Emberblaze

    Capture cards?

    Budget capture cards that are actually semi decent that will work with the switch? Doesn't need to be fancy as the switch doesn't exactly have the highest quality. I am the cheapest bitch ever. I've been super gluing my Fitbit back together multiple times a week for at least a year. Not...
  2. Emberblaze

    Pink Cherry Phishing Scam.

    I just want to warn everyone about an email I just recieved that was a phishing scam meant to look like it was an email about a refund from Pink Cherry. Looking to get my credit card number. The email came from a fishy address but it did end with I'm not sure if they had a data...
  3. Emberblaze

    Conspiracy Theories with Shane Dawson?

    Anyone else watching this? I just started but when I saw all the porn references I had to check for a thread about it. Definitely relevant to our interests here.
  4. Emberblaze

    Weird snacks you feel guilty about.

    Anything you snack on that truly makes you shake your head at yourself? For me it's fried feta. Literally just throw chunks of feta into a pan and fry it. (Needs to be a brand with lower fat percentage.) Or cup-a-soup. I like to mix a pack of chicken noodle with a pack of cream of chicken...
  5. Emberblaze

    Electric razors?

    Can someone recommend me a badass electric razor? Max Price 200 bucks. Something that doesn't have that stupid foil type head. Those razors never work for me because my leg hair is pretty fine and won't actually go into the stupid little holes in the foil guard. Safe to use in the shower...
  6. Emberblaze

    Recommend me a cool job.

    Camming pays my bills no problem but I think I would enjoy my life more if I could split my time between something else. So let's do an outrageous thread where you suggest to me a silly dream job. The more ridiculous and outrageous the better. A little info. I have no issue furthering my...
  7. Emberblaze

    Paxum issues?

    Is anyone else having chronic paxum issues? When I first started using them I was doing cam shows through the short lived camsite. Kink live actually had to contact them on my behalf because they wouldn't activate my card for weeks after I did the activation steps. It would say it...