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  1. IsabellaSnow

    anal bleaching?

    Oh my god hahaha I tried Jolen at your recommendation and my fucking God it's important to make sure you keep it on external skin! 😂 🙈 Butt bleaching is also really tricky to do solo, to be honest I never did it enough to see any differences because of my ineptness as bleaching myself. I'd...
  2. IsabellaSnow

    My girlfriend is cam model

    You guys are so wholesome, the thread starts with advice on relationships and ends with "oh yeah I love grammerly! it's great!"
  3. IsabellaSnow

    A well done video about why Onlyfans works

    Am I right in thinking that OF doesn't bring much of its own traffic in? Leaving those with accounts to use their current fans and advertise themselves in a similar way to how snapchat was being used?
  4. IsabellaSnow

    A well done video about why Onlyfans works

    Thanks for sharing this! This is really interesting! I've seen a lot on twitter lately onlyfans girls complaining that everyone loves their basic selfies but has no interest in professionally shot videos, it's something I learned years ago from cam work is just how valuable amateur porn is...
  5. IsabellaSnow

    Tips from a man to a camgirls (for free)

    I am going to assume that this is a comedy routine created especially for camgirls and you are subtly hinting for tips on which parts we liked, right? So here's my little review: The title, Ah, it's golden, it's perfection. I've bolded my favourite parts. You had me laughing from the get go...
  6. IsabellaSnow

    Never Have I Ever

    Sold! I'd been considering watching it, I'll let you know what I think once I do! ☺
  7. IsabellaSnow

    My free cams - a really bad site to start. - Share your bad experience on

    Pretty certain it's in MFC's terms and conditions that we have to show our faces on stream. Likely for the reasons Amber mentioned where you could be someone other than the person's photo ID (this could be a big issue for child pornography and trafficking), so it's not an unreasonable request...
  8. IsabellaSnow

    The downfall of MFC... Myth or reality?

    Like others have mentioned, I always used to check rewards points if a member interacted in my room. Occasionally I'd check randoms, particularly if they've been in my room a lot, but generally if someone has initiated contact or wants a show. Those who hide their points may be treated neutrally...
  9. IsabellaSnow

    The downfall of MFC... Myth or reality?

    In terms of "member reward points" I hear this a lot. What I never quite get my head around is that MFC is a site where models are basically all offering amazing deals if you spend more. Video bundle deals, special offers, special "top member" statuses where you get "extras", extra communication...
  10. IsabellaSnow

    Do models ever get attached to customers?

    This I think is a mature response to the situation. At the end of the day when you enter a camsite for sexual purposes you are asking for a fantasy, and when you start spending money on a money you're saying you're willing to invest in this fantasy. Somewhere deep down I think all camsite...
  11. IsabellaSnow

    Hmmm... changing of the game

    I think it's a great thing to appreciate more about camming as a job than just the money. I too have always enjoyed the friendship elements of MFC and have kept things pretty real. I've enjoyed hearing from regulars that things I've said/done have genuinely improved their lives. However, if I...
  12. IsabellaSnow

    How do you handle "daddy/daughter" fetish?

    Definitely don't do these shows if you're not comfortable with them. The Daddy/Daughter kink is one that there are a whole bunch of women who are into, but if it's not your thing then it's really pretty gross. I actually do find it a turn on and it disgusted the hell out of me for years, but I...
  13. IsabellaSnow

    Hey new MFC cam girls, listen up

    Is the OP a premium member on MFC or a guest/basic? Just curious as there's no mention of what will make him spend money, just come to the room looking for free shows. He also seems unhappy about models taking paid shows which makes it seem like he's again, unhappy about her leaving the main...
  14. IsabellaSnow

    Should mental health be tracked by cam sites?

    Everyone else has pretty much covered the topic so I'm just going to throw in an answer to the topic title. Should models have their mental health tracked before camming? Well, if you want to remove almost all sex workers from the face of the world. Then yeah, I guess we could stop people with...
  15. IsabellaSnow

    UK porn ban

    Just like Brexit. Not entirely sure David Cameron thought any of that manifesto through...
  16. IsabellaSnow

    UK porn ban

    That's pretty clever and way better than a fence, though realistically, collies can easily be trained not to chase sheep. I had a collie and grew up around farms. He was once caught as a pup doing it, but as an adult he knew not to. I think in general people should aim to be responsible for...
  17. IsabellaSnow

    UK porn ban

    I actually feel kind of bad for the new age verification companies that started up because of it. Though I also feel they're a bit like vultures trying to jump in and take advantage and make money off other people's content and websites, at the same time kind of messed up for the government to...
  18. IsabellaSnow

    UK porn ban

    Pretty much this. I don't want to paint the older generation as a whole as not entirely understanding technology because there are plenty of people out there who are very tech savvy who didn't grow up with it, but, unfortunately there seem to be a lot of issues surrounding those who are in...
  19. IsabellaSnow

    UK porn ban

    God, I totally forgot about this and had no idea when it was coming up! I think there is supposed to be something where you can enter details and get all adult sites unlocked rather than entering details into each and every adult site. Honestly I imagine that if this is the case, guys will do...
  20. IsabellaSnow

    The maybe not so generic ‘falling for a cam girl’ post.

    This is exactly what I was thinking. Like I get that the OP is trying to do a cool guy "it's no big deal, she's probably totally fake. I don't care" thing, but actually it just comes across that he's being an ass. I haven't seen any evidence that this girl is scamming, and the OP hasn't given...