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  1. Belladonna_Noire

    Tips On Staying Motivated

    Hello, lovely people. I'm here (again) asking for some advice or ideas. I need to motivate myself! I haven't cammed in over a week. I stayed out late on my birthday and that was where I went downhill. Then the day after, I got my period and I'm always horribly sick for the first few days. What...
  2. Belladonna_Noire

    Favorite Sexy Songs

    You know those songs that you listen to when you get pumped up for a date, camming, or you just need a confidence boost? Yeah, those songs. My sexy song faves right now are S&M by Rihanna, Caffeine by Foreign Air, Feeling Good/I Put a Spell on You by Nina Simone, Learning to Fly by Pink Floyd...
  3. Belladonna_Noire

    OBS Settings on Chaturbate?

    I'm new to camming and I tried streaming last night for the first time (with no luck). I watched a few tutorials for OBS and I thought I was golden! But when I went to stream, I got a few different responses from viewers who were nice enough to tell me that my settings were probably off. Two...