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  1. thealixlynx

    OnlyFans banning ‘sexually explicit conduct’ starting in October

    Seems to be a crappy PR stunt to push their new SFW app. I'm royally pissed off because of the calamity they caused and fear they incited in so many people. As a porn star, I'll be fine no matter what. My concern is with sex workers who were using this platform as a safer means to income. Like...
  2. thealixlynx

    Reality check

    12 years later and ignoring the dumbass "Camwhore" terminology (ok bruh) but anyways....yeah. Once something is on the internet, it's there forever. Know this, and then choose to fucking own it. It's 2021. When you own who you are and are unapologetic about it, you give other people permission...
  3. thealixlynx

    Is cam modelling ever going to dye out?

    I don't think any sex work will EVER die. It'll just evolve. Imagine if people DIDN'T have that escape?!?! The entire world would implode IMO. lol. Even if you're not doing full hardcore shit on cam, people still will always want that escape into fantasy land with a gorgeous woman.
  4. thealixlynx

    Starting to panic? Slow, slower, silent room

    To add (this is dependent on what you're comfortable with) selling content (even recorded cam shows) on sites like Manyvids and I Want Clips have ALSO been a god send because it's the vibe of filming/recording something once, then reselling it forever. You can also offer custom vids on these...
  5. thealixlynx

    Starting to panic? Slow, slower, silent room

    Have you ever considered camming on a different site? I was on MFC for a few years full time then stopped full time camming when I got into porn and would then just hop on here and there. This did NOT work well for me (I had a lot of regulars who were used to my schedule). I joined (I...
  6. thealixlynx

    Would you kick this guy or ignore him?

    sounds like your basic lurker. lurkers gonna lurk. it can be annoying af but i wouldn't block unless his presence is agitating her THAT much.
  7. thealixlynx

    With or without makeup?

    I'm like 50/50. It took me a LONG time to get to the point where I was confident enough to not wear makeup on live streams or for custom vids. I do always wear it when I'm filming a scene. It's just a comfort thing. I LOVE makeup, too, so for me when I don't wear it it's because I just don't...
  8. thealixlynx

    In LIKE with a CAM girl

    Have fun, but proceed with caution. Go into this and take her for who she is: a fantasy girl who lives on the internet. $20K is a LOT of fucking money and she would have to work a long time to earn that much...also keep that in mind.
  9. thealixlynx

    Returning to camming after a hiatus: my story

    Ohhh yes! I started off as an MFC model, did that full time for a couple years, then got into the adult film industry and was flip-flopping back and forth in spurts in doing cam shows when I didn't have shoot days for extra cash. For me personally, I eventually stopped altogether and only do...
  10. thealixlynx

  11. thealixlynx


    This chair is sooo comfy. I'm obsessed :h: (see below)
  12. thealixlynx

    Customer Driving while on Cam site

    OMG. I had this happen to me too! (love the comic BTW ;) People can be CRAZY. lol. So apparently this is (kinda) common? *scratches head* If you're super uncomfortable with it, all you can do is suggest he...not. But ultimately he's a grown ass man who will do what he wants. Personally, I...
  13. thealixlynx

    Things Members Say That Make You Go "WTF?"

    my who get upset when they find out their favorite model isn't single. Like, REALLY upset. Bruh, we're just fantasy factories. It's our job.
  14. thealixlynx

    What is the most annoying thing a model can do?

    As a model something I hear about quite a bit that really bugs me is receiving payment from a fan for stuff, whether it's a custom, video bundle, panties, etc...and just taking their money and not fulfilling the order. It's SO short sighted, and it's also literally stealing. If you bought...
  15. thealixlynx

    Price for a Custom Head-Shaving Video?

    I can't tell you what to charge but if I were you....a lot. a LOT. Like, thousands. Things to consider here: * Your hair takes a long time to grow back *Time out of your day to film the scene *Time out of your day to edit the scene, and upload it. *The acts you're performing in the scene. Not...
  16. thealixlynx

    Day or night schedule?

    I was a day time cam-mer for a couple years and did well because of my regulars that would come in and hang. I kept pretty much the same schedule 5 days a week and then would tweet if I were going on during a different time. I did it this way because I'm a morning person so I am naturally more...
  17. thealixlynx

    Your top 3 advises for a new cam girl/boy/ts!!!

    1. Be consistent with your schedule 2. Don't let members be pushy or rude to you to get what they want. YOUR HOUSE, YOUR RULES. If you let people get away with fuckery, it will never stop. Be clear with your boundaries and firm, too. 3. Don't compare yourself to other models. EVER. It's toxic...
  18. thealixlynx

    Rates help

    I'm not sure about CB, but I was a model full time on MFC for a couple years (and I still go with this vibe to this day in adult film/Onlyfans)...I always charged the maximum amount available. The way I see it, if people want a private with you, they'll do it. There's only one of you! Even if...
  19. thealixlynx

    Beginner's (or not really) fears. How to beat them?

    Know that this is 10000% normal. Everyone starts SOMEWHERE. Even the best webcam models in the world started with nobody in their rooms and built. How do you build? Create a schedule for yourself. Show up for that schedule every single day. Get on social media and share your schedule, too...