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    Chaturbate users thoughts

    Wow! I couldn't believe the hostility that my post received. Quite a few of you accused me of having a big ego for thinking that I am a big tipper. Well, Chaturbate has a number of categories of tippers and I am well above the highest category. No doubt the people that say they expect far more...
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    Things Models & Users do that you LIKE?

    Nice! Thanks for your thoughtful remarks on my post recently, and for the link to here. You are the only person who replied in a kind way to me. Quite a few others were really hostile. They accused me of having a big ego and then displayed their huge egos. I intend to make a closing remark...
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    Chaturbate users thoughts

    Wow, so many bitter people in this forum.
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    Chaturbate users thoughts

    I don't ask anyone to undervalue themselves. I am often King in the rooms that I visit so I know my contribution is useful. I hope that you are kinder to your users than you are to me.
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    Chaturbate users thoughts

    Brett M, Thanks for your thoughtful reply. I am not keen on small talk in ordinary life either, and I accept that others may be different. I was just telling what I like. It is not the hru abbreviation that concerns me. The 6tk/min are not generally popular models. I think they are just...
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    Chaturbate users thoughts

    Well, I spend much more than most customers, about 3000tks/week. And lots of models appreciate me in their rooms, quite the opposite of what you suggest. So people have got it wrong about that. I do participate in public area, often making witty remarks which are enjoyed by others, and always...
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    Camming Life Exposed

    The fact is that the person that outed you was also using the platform. Let them receive some wrath too. Too many too judgemental people in the world. I love the models who show themselves, because I would not have the nerve to do it.
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    Hi AmberCutie Thanks for making this site. It is a great idea. I am new here so get the message...

    Hi AmberCutie Thanks for making this site. It is a great idea. I am new here so get the message about how to do stuff. It has a link for how to do forum stuff that goes to a closed thread -not very useful. I suppose at some point I will be allowed to do things like give a thumbs up etc.. How...
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    Roll The Dice: The Next Generation

    I dislike roll the dice and similar things on chaturbate. Clearly I am in a minority. But models that do not have gimmicks will get me first. (Provided they have big boobs and a smile)
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    what's a good rate for a private show?

    You do know that people can record anyway? Of course it isn't legal. As a customer, I prefer to be able to view recorded sessions. Some models have "not recorded", but when they know me and I ask them for record they almost always say yes. Might I suggest that it is a way for you to go. You are...
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    just curious

    I will pay up to 30 tk/min and don't usually tip in pvt then. For 12 or 18 tk/min I will tip when something is nice. Lots of 1 tips and 15 for things that turn me on. Perhaps I am a cheapskate, but I do spend lots of money on chaturbate. I am in top spender category, but would still be if top...
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    Beginner's questions- please help a girl out!

    As regards what you do and don't do, simply put that information in your profile. Then it is all very clear.
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    Daily Thoughts

    When I find a model with a genuine smile and warm manner, that makes up for everything else. Today I visited a young lady with a radiant smile. So Wonderful!
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    Chaturbate users thoughts

    I have used chaturbate a lot and spent a lot of money there. So I want to share my experience and what I like and don't like. This is very useful information for models. My main interest is big boobs but otherwise my thoughts relate to all categories. I like models who invite me with pm when...
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    Who the F*$%# are you?! Introduce yourself here.

    Hi, I'm a regular user (addict!) on chaturbate named BobBiggs74. I love big boobs, especially when they are being bounced, swinging about, being sucked (especially both at once) and hitting me in the face.