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  1. BlackWizard

    What's your astrology?

  2. BlackWizard

    Missing payment

    noooo and this is interesting!! they said they cant reissue on cosmo because on cosmo they alreeady senrt but we can reissue on another payment method. . If they so sjure they sent then why they offer reissue? To pay u7s twice? Or im stupid:P
  3. BlackWizard

    Missing payment

    1 of their representatives admitted they still investigating: Hello again Karolina, Investigations are ongoing at the moment, and hopefully it will be resolved as soon as possible. As soon as we have an answer, I will get back to you with a message. Thank you very much for your understanding...
  4. BlackWizard

    Missing payment

    I didnt know i thought is new. And on SM the payouts are not instant. They send them in the morning and we gettng them early evening same day
  5. BlackWizard

    Missing payment

    Yea! But weird is that also paxum is a payment method which they are "not responsible for" and I know that people who use SEPA got money. Im very curious how this story will end :D
  6. BlackWizard

    Missing payment

    Ugh is so many newses from yesterday!!! " We have been informed that the cosmo payments this week have been delayed as there is a banking issue, and with the global technology outage that is impacting banking systems, it is causing issues with the confirmation of the deposits. Most likely, the...
  7. BlackWizard

    Missing payment

    Lololol! I got my payment yesterday from CB on cosmo , this is FUCKIN WEIRD! Response from sm: 00:04 (3 godziny temu) do mnie Hello, We have been informed that the cosmo payments this week have been delayed as there is a banking issue, and with the global technology...
  8. BlackWizard

    Daily Payout.. Missing?

    I still didnt receive payment from SM (always was on thursdays) and many of other girls too. I think this all can be caused by crowdstrike issue. I requested my daily payout yesterday. hope it will come today :/
  9. BlackWizard

    Did you get yesterday/ today payouts on cosmo?

    Im asking because we have problem with delay payments on cosmo from SM. they know about it and fixing it but im curious (because i heard about some microsoft updates issues) if other payouts ,like cb works on cosmo. I was about to request daily payout today from CB and im curious if everything...
  10. BlackWizard

    Missing payment

    On discord we just thinking/ guessing that maybe it has something to do with this? or im curio\us what else can be affected by this I dont know if my link wil redirect good, so this is what its about: Crowdstrike Update Causes Widespread BSOD...
  11. BlackWizard

    Missing payment

    Anthony - cosmo representative wrote this on another forum: Nothing to worry about, Streamate is sorting it on their end and you will get your payment soon. You can ask them for more details.
  12. BlackWizard

    Missing payment

    I can say that my friend who receiving money on bank account, she received payment, so looks like its issue affecting cosmo.
  13. BlackWizard

    Missing payment

    Update: Hi Karolina, We have a small delay in payments to COSMO. We are now waiting for further information from the payment department. Once we have more details, I will get back to you with an answer. Have a nice day. Vlad
  14. BlackWizard

    Missing payment

    Hello I never had problem with payouts from SM but today is different. i have in history that money were sent on cosmo today and always i was receinving funds the same day as in history. Cosmo says: Hello, Please note our system remains the same it has been, we can see you have received...
  15. BlackWizard

    Razer Kiyo pro ULTRA- what do you think?

    I found it on some top cameras ranking and 3 things interested me a lot: - really good sensor (those 2 will be copied and translated from polish description): -Unrivaled webcam ease of use: Use your DSLR camera's lighting options as easily as your webcam - Adaptive light sensor with 2.9μm pixels...
  16. BlackWizard

    I need some advice, please

    Ok so i will help with mention all sites i remember: bongacams, imlive, flirt4free,camsoda, cam4, livejasmin, xcams, cherrytv, mydirtyhobby, soulcams,skyprivate,xhamster,xlovecam,visit-x, showup (polish site but why not :P), and maaaany many really small ones, if you will want me to mention...
  17. BlackWizard

    Slow Traffic

    Traffic i have really bad but earnings the best in the year from the time when euro started and still now. Even today with period and hangover ;D I totally dont get it. Traffic sooo bad but really good and commited spenders
  18. BlackWizard

    HTML full background

    I did my bio with that page I was using page to make project of bio and then i was saving it as jpg. Then you upload it to imgbb , choose "html full linked" and this html you copy to bio. Generally any pic u can transfer into html . So you can dowbload any...
  19. BlackWizard

    Promoting a model on Chaturbate

    It will help her if you will promote her few times in a row. Promotion is 5 minutes. I had man who did that to me and first 2 promos was not many people in room but6 after 4, 5 th i noticed big number of people coming to my room and im sure if it would last longer, i could be very very good in...
  20. BlackWizard

    Interesting music requests

    Maybe it will be a bit out of topic haha but i just reminded myself a day when men ( i liked him a lot, he was my regular and we had a lot of laugh, he was more for socialize then sex show). Anyway he was tipping a lot and his final request was: when you will cumming can you make pterodactile...