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  1. SirenMFC

    Chaturbate and paypal, and model name help

    It's available for me for some models only, so that's weird.
  2. SirenMFC

    CB - electrostim show Not even shocking nipple clamps (which makes me kinda sad, I was looking into them for fun times)
  3. SirenMFC

    Chaturbate Profile Help!

    That's awesome! This works on CB as well as MFC :D
  4. SirenMFC

    What is the best webcam?

    I managed to score a secondhand Microsoft Lifecam 3000 last week for NZD$12, so about US$8.50. It's 720p and I liked the video reviews I saw on it. I wasn't looking for something permanent, just something better than my built in webcam. I'm able to get the "HD" tag on Chaturbate, and my photo...
  5. SirenMFC

    CB - electrostim show

    Yes, there are toys that react to tip sounds. As far as I know, Chaturbate won't ban you, but you could always contact @punker barbie or Chaturbate support for more information/to make sure.
  6. SirenMFC

    Chaturbate and paypal, and model name help

    Yeah, you can buy tokens through Paypal because it's buying tokens - not explicit adult material.
  7. SirenMFC

    Chaturbate Profile Help!

    The first one didn't work, the second option did. Thank you SO much!
  8. SirenMFC

    Chaturbate Profile Help!

    Is there any way that I can remove the white "seams" from between the photos, so that they all seem joined? This is the code that I am currently using: <a href=""><img src=""></a> <a...
  9. SirenMFC

    Cam was fun yesterday, will be starting on a regular schedule next week :)

    Cam was fun yesterday, will be starting on a regular schedule next week :)
  10. SirenMFC

    The iWantClips Thread

    You need to use the PDF/Doc/File upload option.
  11. SirenMFC

    Licking/Sucking/Biting Your Own Nipples

    I used to be able to! Now my double chin gets in the way, lmao. I miss it, especially because I love being able to stimulate my nipples
  12. SirenMFC

    Oh god, not another Chaturbate banned thread :(

    So, you're camming without ID verification? That's kind of asking for an insta-ban. Or if you do have an ID, has it expired? I've completely given up with CB now. The amount of bans they hand out left right and center is ridiculous, and they are no longer accepting my ID when I reapplied even...
  13. SirenMFC

    Whats your favorite kind of cake?

    I don't really like cake, BUT, cheesecake is delicious and my go-to dessert food. :mm:
  14. SirenMFC

    Selling panties?

    I advertise mine through Tumblr & Twitter, get members to email me and we discuss pricing & such, and then I make a "custom listing" through my Bigcartel store (they don't allow direct panty listings- porn is fine!) for them to purchase it. :) I get 100% of the money rather than selling on a...
  15. SirenMFC

    Ever been alone on Christmas?

    I was alone last Christmas and this Christmas too, I found it quite relaxing & was able to get some work done (living at home sucks)
  16. SirenMFC


    I'm considering DIYing my own lightboxes! I have a desk lamp (planning to get another) and the daylight bulb, while nice, can be a little bit harsh. So I was thinking of making some sort of lightbox/diffuser. :)
  17. SirenMFC

    iPhone as webcam?

    I didn't see this, sorry! But we don't have a bestbuy where I live, $64 USD is still nearly $100 here, which is way out of my price range. I'm going to go for a secondhand C525 until I can afford to get something better. :)
  18. SirenMFC

    iPhone as webcam?

    I'm running sales through my blog & selling my old phone, hopefully I can get a c920 again. :) Sadly, even a cheap one like the C270 is out of my price range right now as I'd have to convert to NZD and blegh
  19. SirenMFC

    iPhone as webcam?

    Havent tried it yet
  20. SirenMFC

    Bad Dragon toys and SM

    I know models have been banned on CB for using Bad Dragon toys. A lot of them would be considered animal shaped. P.S Bad Dragon is a shitty company and there are plenty of other places/sites that make cool-looking/fantasy dildos.