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  1. CutieHasBooty


    not sure if anybody is interested in this but I thought I'd make a thread for some people who want to talk about vaping products, juices, etc. and maybe a place where people can go if they want recommendations I currently have 2 mods The first being the kooper plus with the play boy mini vixen...
  2. CutieHasBooty

    taxes...I don't know how to do adult things

    Hey ladies, I was just wondering If I could get some advice on taxes. Like obviously I know I have to pay them and I've been holding a third of my paychecks (does that sounds about right?). I mostly wanted to ask you ladies...and members who know about taxes what is tax deductible and what isn't...
  3. CutieHasBooty

    How to make a comeback on Mfc

    So the title pretty much explains it all, I got on Mfc my first week made amazing money, then a girl quit at my vanilla job. My manager suddenly put me on morning shifts (which is when I cammed because at the time I lived with my dad and he was home at night and I didn't have a door lol) I told...
  4. CutieHasBooty

    I was getting tips but my cam score went down....whhhhy?

    So Today was my third day broadcasting on MFC. The first day I broadcasted (monday) I stayed in for about 2 hours and I made 4500 tokens my cam score went up from 1000 to 1700 the next broadcast (wednesday) I was on for an hour but I only made 800 tokens so I got off because I didn't want to...
  5. CutieHasBooty

    What happens if I don't use my MFC account at first

    To make everything short. Basically I signed up for a MFC account because I was interested in camming. I got approved and everything but I live at home and am paranoid. I am moving out though and am starting to think it would be better to wait the 3 months til move out day and then start...