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    How did you decide on a name???

    Not me but I know the guy that runs the studio where cam girls work at decided their names and for a while their first and last name always started with the same letter. So it was pretty easy to know which girl worked for which studio
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    Meet a Cam Model

    So did I just luck out and not pay any of the cam models I met without paying them to meet with them or something? Lol In all seriousness you’re gonna have to get a better job if you even come across a model who has the same interests to meet up with you. Good luck with that, but you’re...
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    Camming with anxiety and depression

    this is probably a subject that has been explored but how difficult is it for any cam models to cam with anxiety and depression. I know it’s such a big issue to those who go through and honestly most people don’t seem to quite understand how crippling it can be. I know some cam girls who really...
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    Does MFC have a equivalent to Streamate’s cammodels Page?

    Ah cool!! I don’t have to have a different IP address tho? But This is great news! Thanks so much!
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    Does MFC have a equivalent to Streamate’s cammodels Page?

    We plan on doing Skype shows after she is done with “work” so it’ll definitely work. I actually had my roommate use my account on SM for shows I never done and he used it on my phone and laptop several times and the last time I tried to fix it with customer service they refunded my money and...
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    How often do customers turn into friends?

    I wanna give more of a backstory to my story. I met my best friend actually 5 years ago this month (can’t remember the day). Thought she was the cutest girl on SM and she was one of the top earners from her studio. Started off rough (saying ass over again isn’t great lol), but overtime we...
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    I need help (privacy/stream being recorded without permission)

    I would suggest to keep an eye out for those videos continuously since there are websites specifically made for uploading clips and shows of cam models and people download them and put them on other sites too. So they’re always afloat.
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    "Dead" days of the month/whole monthes?

    From what I see during the holidays it gets slow since obviously everyone is out buying presents and traveling cost $. But for some they make bank during that time so it honestly depends
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    What is the strangest thing you've seen in a cam room

    It’s not strange but I’ve seen a cam model wall twerked who was 5 months pregnant... everyone was pretty appalled by it and I just left the room because how dumb of a act it was.
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    How often do customers turn into friends?

    i met my best friend from the SM about 5 years ago and I was her best customer. Over the years we hung out irl and we sort of stopped seeing each other as client and customer but as friends and more. Still do a show now and then but we mostly talk outside of the site. So I’m wondering how often...
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    Models You USED to watch vs NOW - Different?

    I started with the same cam model 5 years ago and she has became my best friend. I’ve gone through like a dozen or so models since but i’ve Always gone to her and we just became close and the thing is that the sex part became less important and we just got to know each other. We still do shows...
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    Does MFC have a equivalent to Streamate’s cammodels Page?

    Recently got banned from SM for BS reasons. So my friend who is a cam model wants to try MFC so we can still do shows together and we are both wondering if there’s a way to sign up for her to gain a percentage boost like when you sign up for a model through her cam models page? Thanks for advance!