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    Camming with anxiety and depression

    this is probably a subject that has been explored but how difficult is it for any cam models to cam with anxiety and depression. I know it’s such a big issue to those who go through and honestly most people don’t seem to quite understand how crippling it can be. I know some cam girls who really...
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    How often do customers turn into friends?

    i met my best friend from the SM about 5 years ago and I was her best customer. Over the years we hung out irl and we sort of stopped seeing each other as client and customer but as friends and more. Still do a show now and then but we mostly talk outside of the site. So I’m wondering how often...
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    Does MFC have a equivalent to Streamate’s cammodels Page?

    Recently got banned from SM for BS reasons. So my friend who is a cam model wants to try MFC so we can still do shows together and we are both wondering if there’s a way to sign up for her to gain a percentage boost like when you sign up for a model through her cam models page? Thanks for advance!