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  1. Teagan

    What should Dan do next??

    As we all know now our wonderful FCP representative Dan Epstein has gone above and beyond for many of us. He's bent over backwards to get everyone answers for over a year in general, and has stepped up his game the past month for sure. He's also contributed many laughs and other helpful advice...
  2. Teagan

    Anyone care to help this kitty rescue?

    I shared this in the models only section but I thought I would give it a share here too. Just in case any of you guys would like to help. This is for a rescue from when I lived in TN. They have run out of supplies for the kitties they rescue from the shelter and streets. So they need help very...
  3. Teagan

    Man Charged With Posting 'Revenge Porn,' Extorting Victims I really hope this is a trend we are about to see. I have seen similar articles coming from TX girls fighting back as well...
  4. Teagan

    Holy shit, internet, I don't even know you anymore! ... y-schooled Faith in humanity restored. Reddit a bit more as well. What do you think?
  5. Teagan


    The bf proposed over the weekend and we are getting married :) Its funny how I planned things here and there over the years and now that it comes down to it all I can think about is how I dont have the $1000 to be be able to go up north and visit my dad in the last 1-2 months he's going to be...
  6. Teagan

    What was your first private?

    Im just curious what every ones first private was like? All in good fun of course. Models: Did you get some super freaky kinkster who broke you in? Get asked to stand on your head and end it in back flips? Members: You dont have to say exactly what you asked for but was it good or bad? Get...
  7. Teagan

    Kokiri Forest with Left for Dead 2 Zombies?? Yes PLEASE!!

    Okay so im a huge Zelda fan so when i saw this i fell in LOVE of course. Left for Dead 2 has a new content map created by an awesome guy that takes place in Kokiri Forest. "You start in the Kokiri Forest and work your way to the Forest temple, fight your way through the temple and have to...
  8. Teagan

    Ipod shuffle to a TV

    Okay so im looking to get and Ipod shuffle 4th Gen and i was wondering how i could hook it up to my TV to play music through the TV speakers? What would i need to do this exactly? I know i used to be able to hook up my stereo from just a cord plugged into the ipod and stereo, but can i do that...
  9. Teagan


    I found weebly through chrome and i was just curious as to if this is a good site to maybe start with before going full blown into making your own site and dealing with that whole mess? I tried searching for it here but theres really no info on it. It seems to let you build your own site pretty...