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  1. Beawaresweety

    Fear of demanding

    I came up with conclusion that I've had a problem during all these years in camming. I've never accepted any pvt invitations without discussing the details of it first (and I'm a pvt based model so my main income comes from privates). My pvt shows are mostly vanilla and catering to innocent...
  2. Beawaresweety

    Emotional burnout

    Hi forum! Long story short, I've been facing an emotional burnout lately which is pretty common in this industry. That's not a surprise for me because I've been around for 3 years and it would happen anyway. Sooner or later. I don't plan to give up on camming in the nearest future. Though...
  3. Beawaresweety

    KIK is shutting down

    I haven't seen any official info from Kik yet but Twitter is going crazy and the news are talking about it too. Has anybody here used this app for business purposes? What will you switch to if/when this app is completely shut down?
  4. Beawaresweety

    "Lifetime" Snapchat

    Hello ladies and gentlemen! Let's talk about lifetime Snapchat. I've been thinking of this topic lately and I (as a cam-girl) still can't decide what can be considered appropriate and ethical. To models: If you sell a lifetime Snapchat, do you delete users after a while if they stop...
  5. Beawaresweety

    Sexting services for EU models

    Hi! Does anybody know any trustworthy sexting services for EU models? (which let you register even if you aren't located in USA/Canada, at least). English speaking services, of course. I hoped to join SextPanther but they say you must be located in USA or Canada. Thank you a lot!
  6. Beawaresweety

    Social aspect of camming

    Hello, ACF :) I've been thinking of something lately and I'm interested in your (models' and members') opinions. I've noticed that cam rooms eventually turn into "online porn" rooms more and more. I respect every model's hustle and if some model considers that beautiful laying with...
  7. Beawaresweety

    Obsessed tippers&friendly weirdos

    Hi here! So I've got something on my mind and I wanna share it with you all. I'll be glad to get any feedback from model's perspective and from member's perspective as well. There are some things I've noticed plenty of times. And I still can't come up with any logical explanation. 1...
  8. Beawaresweety

    Spending leisure time

    Hi to everyone here! My question is... how do you guys spend your days off not to feel fucked up? How do you stay movitated/organized after weekends? I'll gladly listen to some tips about resting in a right way (I'm not asking for any common tutorial, lol, just for your two cents from the...