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  1. ladylilith

    Kavanaugh/Ford Hearing

    Oh - excuse me, it must be my hysterical lady-brain interfering with rational logic again. Whoops!!! So what was it you were trying to express then, if not that you believe societal ramifications for sexual abusers somehow outweigh the lifelong ramifications imposed upon the victims?? Feel free...
  2. ladylilith

    Kavanaugh/Ford Hearing

    Politics aside, I really just hope at the end of the day, the real lesson from this comes down to teaching men (despite their political leanings, and especially those in power for they set society's example) that they can't just stick their hand in the proverbial cookie jar and expect not to see...
  3. ladylilith

    Kavanaugh/Ford Hearing

    The Kavanaugh/Ford hearing and all the right-wing propaganda going around rn about "false rape allegations" has genuinely had me too angry to even think about broadcasting this last week, for the safety of myself and every male in my room.
  4. ladylilith

    abusive guest

    type in your chat room - " /mute guest on " and " /mute basic on ". i am so sorry you had to endure such bullying. you should rest assured that it was probably not likely multiple different ones but the same guest using different tabs or browsers or something. what an awful person. it is no...
  5. ladylilith

    OBS available on MFC: HD Streaming!

    Hi Ashton! I was wondering how running the c922 on a Mac is going for you now, and what OSx are you running? Did you fix this issue, and what software do you use to stream with it if I may ask?
  6. ladylilith

    updated advice on webcams for mac?

    Hi AmberCuties, I am not verified as of yet (I started camming in July, however silly me took forever to just make an account on this forum to start the process), but I searched through the forums I could see for some advice on a good webcam that is mac OSX compatible. There was some great...
  7. ladylilith

    Lovense loosing connection

    That was such a helpful tip about saving the restore file.. I couldn't figure out why I kept having to enter again every time. Thank you so much.
  8. ladylilith

    Do you like to have romantic sex?

    Oh man, do I. My partner (who unfortunately passed away last year) and I used to have the most increeedddddible romantic sex where prior to that I didn't think I was so into it. I haven't been with anybody since then because I just don't think I could have anything else, but I'm also hoping...
  9. ladylilith

    Who the F*$%# are you?! Introduce yourself here.

    Wow! So I have written a short introduction above, but I wanted to write another after my first time catching AmberCutie's MFC broadcast today! I have been camming for just under three months, originated on Chaturbate but trying to work with MFC more (I pissed away my new model status though...
  10. ladylilith

    Suggestions For Chaturbate - Add Yours

    MFC has a note function and by God it might just be the thing that wins me over Chaturbate
  11. ladylilith

    Suggestions For Chaturbate - Add Yours

    @punker barbie - More specific region information for Australian models. We are lumped in with "Other Region Cams" which is confusing and I didn't know where to find Australian cams originally as I thought Australia is usually with Asia. I think Australian cams and Asian cams should be seperate...
  12. ladylilith

    Who the F*$%# are you?! Introduce yourself here.

    Hi, I'm Stella. Brand new to camming and gosh I wish I knew about this wonderful world sooner! Looking forward to learning more here. Thanks xo