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  1. Hereiam

    That ever happen to you .. ??? ;)

    2 days ago i've received an enormous offline tip (when i say enormous it' ENORMOUS for an old boy cam model like me) ... i never saw that man in my room before, never chat him before and he said that he love me .... ;) I'm happy about that but, i would like thank him, thank that very generous...
  2. Hereiam

    Thank you to Chaturbate crew, thumb's up

    I just want to say that my account been hacked 2 times in last 5 days and cb crew make awesome energy and fast response to help me in all that. I'm very happy about their implication. My account still blocked today for now but they try to find a way to securize and regularize all and assist me...
  3. Hereiam

    Anyone work for Paxum here ?

    Anyone work for Paxum here ? or anyone knows someone working there ? i have a major issue ... i get payout from CB and ask paxum for EFT and i never receive my money in my bank account, they told me that need contact their processor and give me news but .... i'm still waiting. I read lot of bad...
  4. Hereiam

    About male performer ..

    Hi there, I'm new here i didn't read all blog i hope i didn't repeat. I'm also new as performer on chaturbate since february. I've found some infos about earning for girls camming on internet but not for male .... I just want to know if you have an idea about what is the average earning for...