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  1. SweetSamara

    When you find fake accounts/profiles impersonating you

    So it has been brought to my attention today that there is an account on snapchat that is impersonating me and using my premium snapchat pics and vids to try and scam people.This is the first time this has ever happened to me and I honestly never thought it would happen to me because I'm...
  2. SweetSamara

    New to Chaturbate!

    So I am new to camming on chaturbate. I currently broadcasting as I type this. I've been on for about an hour and barely anyone has come in my room. I'm not sure if I've even sure if my cam and mic are working properly. Or maybe I'm lagging idk. But I was expected a lot more traffic because I...
  3. SweetSamara

    How to stay consistent?

    Hello! So I am sorry if there is another thread like this or if this is not the right place to be posting this. Forgive me! I'm still a noob when it come to forums. But I am in need of some advice or tips on staying motivated and staying consistent with my camming schedule. Do any of you models...