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  1. Sevrin

    Are virtual cam girls coming?

    So this is already a being tested live on Twitch. Is it only a matter of time before this becomes a thing on cam sites, somehow? A model could use motion capture and use it to animate a celebrity character model, for instance. Or else a glamour model who doesn't want to spend time doing...
  2. Sevrin

    Bonding on Netflix

    Just binged this. It's pure fun. I love the main characters, the dialogue is clever, and it looks great.
  3. Sevrin

    BitCoin + Lovense + CamSoda = WTF

    Well, for one thing, there's a new app on CamSoda that increases the intensity of Lovense vibrations as the price of cryptocurrencies rises. What a world we live in. Also, it's been a while. Happy holidays to...
  4. Sevrin

    Is anyone else playing Black Desert?

    I started playing about a month and a half ago and finding it pretty fun. Is anyone else playing?
  5. Sevrin

    Yes, We Eat no Bananas.

    Well, this happened back in May. I think that one girl with the blender spoiled it for everyone.
  6. Sevrin

    Your Vibrator may be Spying on you!

    Further reading On the one hand, it doesn't sound like the company is out to do anything untoward with the information they collect, but on the other, they should inform users that any data at all is being collected, and whether their identities are in any way associated with the collected data.
  7. Sevrin

    MFC Token Purchase Options for Non-US Members

    So I had heard that Amazon didn't add an additional fee for handling foreign exchange like banks do, and thought I would put that to the test last month. I made two consecutive purchases with two different Visa cards. One was a Visa card issued by a Canadian bank, and the other with my Amazon...
  8. Sevrin

    Blizzard Considering Vanilla WoW Servers?

    So WoW wasn't my first MMO, but it was, all in all, the one I spent the most time playing. I much preferred it before it ended up being all about rushing through levels and then grinding daily quests at max level. With that in mind, I was pleasantly surprised that they are even thinking about...
  9. Sevrin

    Facial Recognition's Getting Serious

    Facial Recognition Service Becomes a Weapon Against Russian Porn Actresses Full article
  10. Sevrin

    "Songs about Camgirls" Redux

    I was listening to an old favourite band on Google Play, and this song popped out. It's from when dinosaurs walked the earth, and most current cam models were dreamed of, much less born, and yet ...
  11. Sevrin

    Improved Previews on MFC

    I gotta say that I really like the new slideshow previews on MFC either from the model menu or when hovering over the little camera icon at the top right in preview mode. I don't know when it was added, but I noticed it for the first time tonight. One other thing I noticed that was there is at...
  12. Sevrin


    It's just popped up on Netflix, and I wasn't expecting a whole lot but turns out it's from the people who did Veronica Mars, and it's well worth watching. It's goofy at times, but always pulls back from the brink of stupid. In case you haven't seen it, here's the trailer.
  13. Sevrin

    Your Tattoos can Live on After you Die

    So now there's a group that will skin your corpse and let your loved ones enjoy it after you are long gone. Now I don't have any tattoos, but is this something that would really appeal to a lot of people who do? Full article on Vice
  14. Sevrin

    Blade & Soul

    I like KMMOs. Played Aion, TERA, Archeage, Vindictus, and recently a bit of Cabal 2. I don't remember when the first time was when someone started posting on an MMO forum that "Blade & Soul will kill this <insert KMMO name here>. Anyhoo, the time has come, and Closed Beta for NA/EU has been...
  15. Sevrin

    Using Tube Sites to Advertise

    While tube sites used to be almost exclusively full of ripped off content with no reference to the origins, more and more commercial sites are opening channels of their own to advertise. How many professional cam models are doing this, even if it's not a paid-for channel? The stuff is getting...
  16. Sevrin

    Fapping: Your Life Depends on it

    So it turns out that cam models are not only entertaining, but that their efforts could help reduce your risk for cancer and even save your life! Source Now if only tips could be deducted as a medical expense. :pray:
  17. Sevrin

    Obscene Abuse & Employment - FHRITP related

    So this just happened: A bunch of guys were FHRITPing around a Toronto TV reporter. The reporter confronted them. This one free-speech hero defended this idiocy, was later identified as an employee of Ontario's main power company, and promptly fired from his C$100kish a year job. More of...
  18. Sevrin

    Interview: Chaturbate Shirley on Periscope, Snapchat, etc.

    Stumbled across this interview with Shirley while looking for something else. There's more here for anyone interested. ... delighted/
  19. Sevrin

    Hulu question

    So Hulu seems to stream more recent content, but, say, only the past X number of episodes of a current season. Is that how they work generally, or does subscribing to Hulu Plus give access to the complete current season? My problem is that I get hooked on shows on Netflix, but they generally...
  20. Sevrin

    Edward Snowden Discusses Dick Pics

    You can watch the whole video, but the pertinent section starts here: Related article on Jezebel. Excerpt: