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  1. Sevrin

    Daily Thoughts

    Saw this and thought of y'all. Keep in mind that this is from a Canadian perspective, and itemized customs invoices are a thing.
  2. Sevrin

    Daily Thoughts

  3. Sevrin

    Daily Thoughts

    MFC spotted on Youtube.
  4. Sevrin

    What was the last movie/show you watched?

    Fine movie. Deserves all the praise it gets. Not as amazing on Netflix, but worth the time is Warrior Nun. What's not so fine is Cursed. I hung in for three episodes and can't watch another. I like the Arthurian stuff, but this was just stupid, irresponsible people doing stupid...
  5. Sevrin

    Daily Thoughts

    Love is the drug, but then there's this.
  6. Sevrin

    Are you someone who can "roam" around and "browse" stores etc?

    Used to be able to for hours, but I've gotten more introverted with age, and now shopping is mostly exhausting.
  7. Sevrin

    Found Coworker on Chaturbate

    Agreed. If we think you're creepy, then people IRL will really think you're creepy.
  8. Sevrin

    Annoyed of fraudly models

    I don't own a Lush, but I react as if I do when someone likes one of my posts.
  9. Sevrin

    Research help!

    Ah well, then. I suppose we all have to keep busy while there's no money coming in. Cheerio.
  10. Sevrin

    An industry for the freeloaders and parasites

    You just...oh I see what you did there! I didn't get this the first approximately 95% of the times I read that.
  11. Sevrin

    Research help!

    From So who's this for?
  12. Sevrin

    Research help!

    If only there was an obvious way to compensate cam models who talk to people on the internet for money for their time. And how would you find them even? Researchers love this shit because it's sex and everyone, academics included, loves everything about sex. They just don't wanna pay the same...
  13. Sevrin

    Research help!

    No one ever comes here asking to talk to pervs. I'm not feeling seen here.
  14. Sevrin

    Are virtual cam girls coming?

    Oh sure, and there have been sex simulator forever too, but it's not quite the same as this, where you can situate a character in an augmented reality environment. And thanks for the compliment. :blush: I'd have no idea how to start monetizing 2-D art on Pornhub, and there are a lot of Patreon...
  15. Sevrin

    Are virtual cam girls coming?

    So this is already a being tested live on Twitch. Is it only a matter of time before this becomes a thing on cam sites, somehow? A model could use motion capture and use it to animate a celebrity character model, for instance. Or else a glamour model who doesn't want to spend time doing...
  16. Sevrin

    What is the purpose of kicking basic members?

    It sounds like she got bad advice when she started her camming career and isn't interested in thinking things through. Lots of people have multiple accounts. She might be kicking a whale unawares.
  17. Sevrin

    Social aspect of camming

    As someone who's been watching cams on and off for 13-ish years, and been a member here for not quite as many, but still a lot of years, I'm heartened that, as my body grows old and infirm, one thing remains constant: threads about how camming used to be more to people's liking. It's kind of...
  18. Sevrin

    Supplemental Income? Erotic writing opportunities?

    Would there be a market for that on MFCShare? I'm sure there would be copyright issues with other people's writing, but if you could write and read your own, that would be an option. Also, doing voice acting for above-mentioned visual novels, particularly the ooh-aah stuff is an occasional...