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  1. CharlotteDusk

    The anthem for all cam-girls

    I feel like you guys would appreciate this xD
  2. CharlotteDusk

    Cosplay cammers?

    Anyone here cosplay on cam? If so~ What characters do you cosplay? Do you make or buy your cosplays? Do you cosplay outside of camming? Do you only cosplay characters you like or do you take requests from regs? i myself am just thinking of it! maybe like once a week or so if i can get a...
  3. CharlotteDusk

    Amiibo collections!

    Anyone else here collect amiibos? I have a semi-decent collection, though i haven't been able to buy any recently. I've been collecting for a year or so now :) ( sorry for the absolutely horrible quality pic )
  4. CharlotteDusk

    First person (single or multiplayer) medieval/fantasy Rpgs?

    I really want to pick up playing a new medieval/fantasy RPG in my spare time, any suggestions? :) first person is preferred but if not thats okay too, if the story is great feel free to drop it below :) pls dont say skyrim lol ;P bonus 10 points if its viking themed