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  1. goldmouthbitch

    Things Members Say That Make You Go "WTF?"

    He didn't have tokens, didnt want to buy tokens BUT he wanted to stand out. Poor bastard went the ol "Im-not-like-other-guys-I'm-a-crazed-evangelist-bb" route....happens the best of us.....i guess
  2. goldmouthbitch

    Things Members Say That Make You Go "WTF?"

    im not saying its a total fabrication. he may very well of chopped his dick head off.... im just get reeeeaaaallystrong spidey senses that its just dude rp-ing as his "domme" gf i guess i could see how i could be not absolutely certain..... but mfw if i am (wrong).
  3. goldmouthbitch

    Things Members Say That Make You Go "WTF?"

    One thing i'd like to point is notice how weirdly into it she is. like she knows a strange amount info concerning her bf's past. she goes on and on about it.... and shes not only weirdly overly into it.....shes into it in a weird way. Im having a hard time putting it into words but i think the...
  4. goldmouthbitch

    Things Members Say That Make You Go "WTF?" many?
  5. goldmouthbitch

    Things Members Say That Make You Go "WTF?"

    This actually disturbs me a bit. it already seems like you do very little to humor him but i suggest stop addressing him at all. (in reference to him saying you were acting this way or that way to make him seem like a stalker. if hes just a paranoid little bitch then never mind....keep on keepin...
  6. goldmouthbitch

    Things Members Say That Make You Go "WTF?"

    i believe the saying has something to do with LEFT OVER CRACK and ends with "and we all know theres no such thing as left over crack"
  7. goldmouthbitch

    I stopped tipping camgirls to save money, now they are getting desperate!

    Some of these girls in other countries are not working in the lap of luxury like most of the girls here in the us and a good amount in the uk. theres a good chance you were these girls livelihood. Wouldn't you be desperate to secure and maintain the sole or at least near sole source of your...
  8. goldmouthbitch

    What is the most annoying thing a model can do?

    when they are toooo outwardly money hungry. I understand its a job, I understand a jobs function is to make money, but it think its a little about playing the game too. being obsessive and aggressive about tokens takes guys out of the game and i think out of that spell that makes them want to...
  9. goldmouthbitch


    Is this literally a thing? Or this a cb joke flying over my head?
  10. goldmouthbitch


    If she helped him hack it and they some how found out she was involved yea but I wouldn't imagine a cam girl actually helping in this process.
  11. goldmouthbitch


    who plays
  12. goldmouthbitch

    What is your go to porn category ?

    Rough, bdsm, i dont really practice all that, but its just the tits to watch
  13. goldmouthbitch


    well... to be fair....if he gets free tokens..its gonna get paid to cam models..... and the cam models get paid out anyway. so telling him would actually get a cam model tokens she prolly wouldnt get other wise ;3
  14. goldmouthbitch

    Can a vampire still be a vegetarian?

    I think the whole thing is avoiding the causing of suffering through our diets. I would say vampires biting unwilling victims would cause suffering, so my vote is no its not okay
  15. goldmouthbitch

    The Trump Presidency Prediction Time Capsule Thread

    Although my hopes are high my expectations are low. Its done and it's happening. I kinda believe he didnt even expect to actually win. He has to know the world is rooting for him to fail and go into history as the worst american president and hopefully that may influence him to actually try...
  16. goldmouthbitch

    Random Things You Loathe Right Now

    intolerance masking it self in the one true supreme total tolerance
  17. goldmouthbitch

    Gold Mouth Bitch why you trappin so hard

    Gold Mouth Bitch why you trappin so hard
  18. goldmouthbitch

    Things Members Say That Make You Go "WTF?"

    This kind of shit is totally unacceptable to me. This fool knows this is weird and creepy as fuck to people who dont share his kink. knock that shit off guy