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  1. Rose

    Users who don't respect boundaries

    Posting this publicly and not in the models only section since I've kept all interactions in this public. I know blacklisting is a huge no no, but this person has acted publicly and I've already shared his private messages all over my twitter. Ladies PLEASE stay far away from Mitchell...
  2. Rose

    Bacon or Booze

    Inspired by my random tweets this morning and my undying, unrequited love of bacon, which would you rather have: bacon or booze? I would happily eat pounds and pounds of bacon every day, but booze is not my friend. Admittedly I never went through a party stage and have never drank heavily, but...
  3. Rose

    Lost Bets Productions

    I posted the same thing in models only a couple days ago so other ladies looking to work with them can ask me questions about my experience, but derp, Lost Bets will work with more than just camgirls so copying this over publicly so they can comment as well. My bad! Basically @Lost Bets...
  4. Rose


    We've had lots of off topic discussion in the Clips4sale top fetishes thread, so I figured I'd add another thread to help for those interested in new fetishes. :thumbleft: Here's my quote on impregnation fantasy (leaving it in context): Got a question about how to film a new fetish or...
  5. Rose

    Clips4sale Top Categories

    We have a thread like this in Models Only, but a quick search showed we're lacking one in the public section. This is personal top 5 selling categories on Clips4sale. You can find your top categories by going to the sales tab, then the run report tab, then choosing sales summary by category and...
  6. Rose

    Stuff to sober you up

    Pretty much straightforward, what sobers you up the fastest? I know the obvious, like drink plenty of water, but what types of food is best to help you along towards being sober? Or does food not help, and do other things help better? For reference, I've been drinking chocolate wine tonight...
  7. Rose

    Got a Clips4Sale question? Post it here! :)

    From my quote in another thread: Clips4Sale has a HUGE selection of studios: female, male, transgender (somebody help me fill the info on all this properly pretty please!). Studios are anywhere from nude to non-nude and all the inbetweens. Figured this thread would be best in the public...
  8. Rose

    Sharing Smiles

    I was taught to always pay it forward and/or give smiles whenever I can, and I was wondering what other people like to do to share smiles. Pretty please list your top 3 favorite ways to make people smile. :mrgreen: 1. Smiling and saying hello to strangers that I walk past and make eye contact...
  9. Rose

    Sex Face

    Post a picture of yours! Guys too. :thumbleft:
  10. Rose

    Cleaning Question for those with experience with children

    Pretty basic question but I'm trying to figure out the best way to get these plastic toys cleaned. For those with experience with small children, specifically infants and teething babies, how do you sanitize their teething toys before letting them have the toys? My dilemma is that I was gifted...
  11. Rose

    Gardening-flowers, food, weeds, etc.

    We have a gardening topic in the models only section, but I thought I'd start a new one this year to see if anyone else has an interest in gardening or has some good tips/experience. Post pictures of your garden, tips on keeping plants alive, etc. :thumbleft: I'm really good at getting a late...
  12. Rose

    What are the risks?

    Just thought I'd share this here. I know several people who have had lasting, adverse reactions to the flu shot and am related to two young boys who didn't develop autism until after they received their 2 year booster vaccines. It's important to educate yourself before you allow yourself or any...
  13. Rose

    Slipper Suggestions

    I need some suggestions from the guys around here. Specifically, I need slipper suggestions. Here are the specs said slippers need to have: thick rubber sole or some other hard bottom to prevent slipping (we have cobblestone sidewalks that are fairly unsafe when wet), something that can be...
  14. Rose

    Who the heck is in this meme?

    I need to prove a point to BJ. He's insisting the black guy in this meme is Morgan Freeman, but it's not! So who the heck is it? Reverse google search pulled up diddly crap on the origins of this meme. Somebody help me out so I can tell him I told you so for once in my life. Please? I just...
  15. Rose

    Advice on a Dog/neighbor Situation

    I need some advice on how to handle this situation. Our neighbors keep leaving their boxer puppy, about 1 year old, on their patio (which is against the leasing contract) in the cold/rain/night/etc with no blankets/pillows/bed/crate/food when they leave for hours at a time (the dog will also...
  16. Rose

    What smells?

    I'm usually a pro at cleaning but I'm kind of stumped on this one. I've been gone for a week at my mom's and came back to find the house a disaster area and it all smelled like feet, dog bo and cigarettes. Eww. Febreze doesn't seem to be a lasting solution and is only providing a somewhat fix...
  17. Rose

    Calling all computer savvy users!

    I need help, pretty please. Here's the run down: videos will only play for 11 seconds on my computer and then they stop. It doesn't matter what browser I use or whether the video is fully loaded/buffered or not. I can click ahead and the video will play again, but only for another 11 seconds and...
  18. Rose

    Zombies for soldiers!

    A friend of mine just shared this link on facebook and I think it's pretty awesome. While I understand that the protests Westboro carries out are legal, I absolutely do not agree with it and think their actions are sickening. There's an appropriate time and place for public demonstrations but...
  19. Rose

    How's the weather? What with the extreme heat going around, it doesn't hurt to remind everyone to stay safe. :) There's a few states with extreme heat warnings so I thought it might be helpful to share this link. Hope everyone stays safe, well hydrated and practices common sense when outdoors...
  20. Rose

    Me too

    I just wanted to share these links. I've been wanting to reach out for awhile now but this isn't a topic that's generally talked about or accepted. For all the ladies who the same condition, you're not alone. Don't feel ashamed of yourself because of it. For everyone else who knows a lady with...