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  1. Erragal

    Sex worker support groups

    I run a discord channel that is kink based (Age Play) for the New England area. I am finding resources for therapy, counseling, and support groups that are kink-friendly. I have come across a few sex worker support groups and lists. Best ones I saw so far is on wiki, I figured I would ask here...
  2. Erragal

    Cam girl and Member profiles

    So I am trying to help this new girl out and she doesn't know how to edit profile. I was wondering if I make a junk account on MFC and set up the profile once it's how she likes it could she just copy and paste everything onto her Cam profile? I am guessing they both use the same coding and...
  3. Erragal

    UrSavannah's birthday

    It's Ursavannah's birthday and she is on MFC now, help with he birthday spankings 10 tokens each
  4. Erragal

    The earth like planet they found

    Not sure if everyone knows but they found a planet that they believe could be very earth like and can support life. I just saw something showing they knew about it a long time ago.
  5. Erragal

    Voting on MFC

    Just an idea I don't know how possible it is or if it would be useful. Would there be any way that MFC could set up a tool where on a models homepage there is a place you can vote on something for some tokens (5, 10, or what ever the model picks). I have heard some girls asking what color they...
  6. Erragal

    You might be a camwhore if

    So a girl I fallow twittered this Got me thinking and see if we can add some more to these. You might be a camwhore if.... You can write your underwear off as a tax deduction. You have a better selection of toys then the local sex shop Anyone else have any to add?
  7. Erragal

    One can only hope

  8. Erragal

    Old school game

    I found a cool web site that has all these old games that have been moded to work on windows vista and 7. The ones I got are all three of the Master of Orion games. Also ones like Balders gate, Master of Magic, The Witcher, ect.
  9. Erragal

    Themes you would like to see girls do

    Just trying to do some brain storming and maybe come up with some themes or show ideas that we would like to see some of the girls doing. Maybe even list some cool ones you saw. Strip hang man, guys have to tip to guess a letter or the board when the board is guess off goes something. Phone...
  10. Erragal

    Amazon Wish list giving out personal info

    So I was in addyrhode's room last night and heard people talking about if you put your address on your amazon wish list the person buying the item can get your real name and address. Has anyone heard more about this and if it's true any ideas to get around this. Easiest would be a PO BOX
  11. Erragal

    The Secret World

    I haven't seen any post about this game it's one I am really looking forward to and I am in beta. They haven't started beta yet but it should open up soon. The game takes place in modern times so you can fight any style with magic, swords, or guns. There are no classes or levels, the pvp looks...