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  1. AmberlyPSO

    Caught in Some Camgirl Drama

    As a reforming drama llama, I can tell you, I barely had any drama in real life as I was sooo invested in shit online, I didn't have time for drama in real life. Now prior to discovering the internet, I was in a ton of shit in real life. In a way, the internet allowed me to have drama that...
  2. AmberlyPSO

    Let me pimp out your camming profile!!

    Do have a website? I am actually collecting designers sites for a resource infographic I am making, I would love to add you.
  3. AmberlyPSO

    Big Tip or PVT or Ban

    While I wouldn't do it, I can see how it works. A good example would be my twitter account even a year ago, about 4k ish. Even now at 11k, many would say that is nothing. Back when I had 2k twitter followers, I was still making high 5 figures a month on Niteflirt. Many girls didn't know who I...
  4. AmberlyPSO

    Caught in Some Camgirl Drama

    I know you asked for private but the best advice I could give is to walk away! If someone is a real life friend, you can surely work it out. I know that myself, I tend to get too wrapped up in other people's circuses and monkies. This past year I have grown SOO much and learned to walk away...
  5. AmberlyPSO

    Fake Accounts to Help Boost Your Room

    I have done a fair bit of camming myself but never thought for once that there would be a service that would allow for people to use bots. Now I also do a ton of Twitch and it was once more common than it is today. I will not lie and say I did not test it out. I am that gal, I will test...
  6. AmberlyPSO

    The Loneliness of Camming..

    Not going to lie, I hate the loneliness for sure but when I stepped out of my awkward shell a year or so ago, I got burned burned burned all over again. It is in part why I stopped being part of many industry forums. Definately a 'me' problem thing but when I know someone is doing poorly, all I...
  7. AmberlyPSO - New Cam Site

    I have seen soo many sites fall due to saying they will give higher than 80%, even for shorter periods of time, when a startup. I get that you are trying to populate the site with models now so that there will be an incentive for customers to stick around but wouldn't it be better to pay some...
  8. AmberlyPSO

    UGH! Get those videos of me offline

    The way I look at it, once someone has uploaded it, there is a copy forever out there that I can't 'delete'. This means someone else most likely downloaded it too :(. I do the, if you can't beat them join them, take and have it added to my tube account (PornHub and many others do this method...
  9. AmberlyPSO

    Canadian girls! I need help for Personal Business tax!

    Have you tried finding a sex worker friendly accountant? For example, I use XXXTaxPros. I think he may only do USA but I am certain he knows Canadian tax professionals too! Sorry I can't be of more help on this :(
  10. AmberlyPSO

    MFC is the YouTube of camsites?

    I love this soo much! *RichLux impersonation* Manny The Mooch DA HOUSE
  11. AmberlyPSO

    MFC is the YouTube of camsites?

    YT is def Ban happy =/ I had a channel snatched when I uploaded a video of my puppy. MY PUPPY! Nothing sexual but the channel name was in my model name. Just a doggo rolling on the floor and YT said it was inappropriate and I appealed and lost... Meanwhile MannyMUA admits to false copystriking a...
  12. AmberlyPSO

    I fell in love with a man I met online but found out that he was still married.

    I am with most of the voices here, i would leave =/. My wife was married when I met her. I refused to get any kind of serious though till I saw she was seeking a lawyer. I then only went on one date after she set a date to see the lawyer. I went on the 2nd date after she saw the lawyer and set...
  13. AmberlyPSO

    Discord instead of Skype?

    It is a cam site owned my Clips4Sale or at least partnered with. I did find out last night you can do 1on1 there. Just offering some solutions that can be easier than figuring out Discord for more tech unsavvy customers. She found it easy to use.
  14. AmberlyPSO

    Discord instead of Skype?

    I personally love Discord but a friend recently told me about how she is using NexoCams. While she didnt mention if you can go private, what she does is have a guy prepay for the show and then does the show. If others happen in and give tips all the better. I know not a perfect solution but just...
  15. AmberlyPSO

    Snapchat with burner number...

    I 2nd using Google Voice for Insta or Snapchat. I had no incidents but with religiously fanatic family and a vanilla based business, one can't be too safe. Alternatively, I have also bought phones off ebay and never activated them. My Samsung Gal 6 was about 100 bucks, takes great photos/vids...
  16. AmberlyPSO

    How long does it take for things to... not suck?

    I am way more experienced on the phone side and clip production side of things but I have done a bunch of cam too. I would highly suggest increasing those times to well over 2-5 hours if you can to start. I know Alex Coal did a video about how she got her start in camming and she did 90 days...
  17. AmberlyPSO

    Skype payment options

    I personally only accept adult-friendly options (usually the site they find me on). Bonus points if the site offers chargeback protection! If a guy is contacting you on MFC though, I would just take tokens.
  18. AmberlyPSO

    Free Book About I Became A Top Phone/Cam Girl

    I hope this isn't reviving an old thread, but I wanted to express my gratitude. Recently I have had a huge influx of people on twitter asking for the book. I finally found a free place to upload it for those who do not wish to have a twitter I am in actual tears...
  19. AmberlyPSO

    Free Book About I Became A Top Phone/Cam Girl

    AWW ty I do appreciate the support! Seriously in tears. I am working on the audio version for this as we speak. I have soo much going on and been a bit overwhelmed. Exxxotica has extended my seminar to 3 locations, the Erotic Heritage Museum is having me do classes on the subject and going to...
  20. AmberlyPSO

    Free Book About I Became A Top Phone/Cam Girl

    Aww ty for the vouch <3 I really did spend a ton of time on it. Since SESTA/FOSTA I have been busy updating chapters and hope to have version 2 out soon. No rest for the wicked XD