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  1. UncleThursday

    Cam models and scars; how do you deal with them?

    I was browsing CB the other day and I came upon a room of a cute girl. After a moment I noticed a telltale scar on her that tells me she recently got either a defibrillator or a pace maker installed; I know because I have the exact same scar from where my defibrillator was put in. I also noticed...
  2. UncleThursday

    PUBG on Xbox One/Xbox One S/Xbox One X is LIVE!

    PUBG went live on the Xbox One platform on Tuesday. It's actually pretty surprisingly easy to control once you get into it for a match or two. Some things aren't intuitive, like clicking in the left or right stick while aiming to lean, and inventory management/looting is a slow and painful...
  3. UncleThursday


    So, after years of waiting, Cuphead has been released. And it's pretty good! My review goes into some detail, but the basic gist: if you like harder old-school games and a 30s cartoony style, it's a must buy. If you like the art style but don't like difficult games, then just watch videos or...
  4. UncleThursday

    Chaturbate does 4K now?!?

    So I knew CB did 720p, but it looks like they're recently added some resolution and transcoding options. These options go all the way from 240p to 2160p (4K!?!?!?!), now. Check it: 480p 1080p: 2160p (4K), note 1440p is also supported: Transcode options if the model is streaming at...
  5. UncleThursday

    Quake Champions beta...

    I'm about to start checking it out. But, just need to say I love the auto detect settings it gave me. :)
  6. UncleThursday

    1.2 million token tip

    Apparently someone a naughty moosed at tip to LocaLoca_ for 1.2 million on April 30. It also apparently only moved her up 8 spots... but I didn't look to see where she finished last month. Not my screenshot, it's from Twitter.
  7. UncleThursday


    Epic Games' new MOBA is in open beta. And... holy shit does it look great! It's a MOBA in the vein of SMITE, third person action oriented, over DOTA2 or LoL's isometric point and click to move style. It's obviously using Epic's new Unreal Engine 4 technology, and on a 980 Ti I'm able to...
  8. UncleThursday

    Titanfall 2

    I'm downloading the beta now. I'm streaming at if you want to chat. DO IT.
  9. UncleThursday

    Overwatch open beta!

    The Overwatch open beta is now live on the Xbox One, PS4, and PC. I'm going to try it on both the PC and Xbox One. If you want to join me, send me a DM here for my BattleNet ID and/or Xbox Live ID. I'm also going to be streaming on my YouTube Gaming channel, if you want to watch me be terribad.
  10. UncleThursday

    Orthodox Easter strikes...

    You can tell how many models on MFC are from Eastern Europe and are Greek Orthodox, today.... this is the lowest model count I've seen online in a long time. :p Happy Orthodox Easter to those celebrating it, though. :)
  11. UncleThursday

    Links to My Articles, and Videos

    I think I'll just keep one thread for my articles and videos, as I write/make them. Keep it cleaner, overall, in this forum. So, my articles, from oldest to newest on I'm a Loot Addict, and I Don't Need Help Warzone has Reinvigorated Halo Multiplayer for Me The Odd State of...
  12. UncleThursday

    My newest article. The Strange State of Gaming Journalism

    For those interested, I have a new article up on that deals with the current look of gaming journalism, and its apparent infatuation with identity politics over the past few years. Fell free to leave...
  13. UncleThursday

    The Division Beta

    I played in the closed beta on my Xbox One a few weeks back. Starting on the 19th (18th for Xbox One), there will be an open beta. Now that I have a PC capable of running it, I will be playing on both the Xbox One and PC. So far, it seems interesting. RPG shooter, loot oriented. You could...
  14. UncleThursday

    Finally got my new PC!

    And this thing is a BEAST! I'll be able to really start trying some PC games soon... after I have money again. After taxes and shipping, this thing came to almost $4000, with a monitor. But, it will be great for gaming, streaming, and video editing. :D So, my streaming, video reviews, etc. will...
  15. UncleThursday

    When models get your humor...

    More for members, but if any model has things to add, feel free. So, I was joking with a model I know about how all the models I know only keep me around for my bad jokes. And she responded in a way that shows she knows my sense of humor. Model name hidden to protect the innocent (my...
  16. UncleThursday

    If you stream on post it here!

    I know I stream at and I know Aella streams as well. So, if you stream on twitch, post it here so other ACF members can find you. My own schedule is erratic, but I generally try to stream 3-4 days a week. During the week it is after I get home, so about...
  17. UncleThursday

    Streaming Twitch from your Xbox One

    So, the new Twitch app allows for direct streaming from your Xbox One in what looks to be 720p gameplay footage. It also allows you to use your Kinect as a webcam during streams. When broadcasting, it can be snapped in, so you can see your cam and about the last 10 or so lines of the chat. I'm...
  18. UncleThursday

    Killer Instinct and my Twitch streaming

    So, anyone on here have Killer Instinct and want to have someone to play with? I'm up and willing. Also, my twitch page is Feel free to stop in, chat, tell me how bad I suck at whatever game I am playing, etc. A quick 2 examples from my Twitch stream: Slap those dirty...
  19. UncleThursday

    Sony, the PS$ and game recording...

    So, Sony announced at TGS that they would be removing the HDCP on video game footage through the HDMI output, a problem the PS3 currently has. This means that all the streams going through the PS3 have copy protection on them, so you cannot record gameplay footage from the HDMI without stripping...
  20. UncleThursday

    Ivy__'s cam quality on MFC

    OK, so first time I saw her tonight... and HOLY SHIT! How the hell does she get her cam quality to be so good? It's practically SM quality while still being on MFC. I know part of it is her lighting setup, but lighting alone doesn't explain the crisp quality seen on her cam. Seriously, ladies...