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  1. Rose

    how many hours do you work a day?

    Clips4sale bb. You can do shit work on the regular and get paid surprising amounts for your digital turds. 👌 I aim to release one video per day of *anything* and it helps keep me at a comfortable earnings baseline on minimal work. Work smarter, not harder.🤗
  2. Rose

    Camming after loss of mother

    I have a toxic relationship with my mother. The day she days I will cry once, then I will be poolside with my favorite book. I have worked through: miscarriages, medical abuse, trauma, family problems, deaths of both my grandmothers, the abuse from my brother to his child, being hospitalized in...
  3. Rose

    anal bleaching?

    Ooooooowie you just made my heiney clinch remembering that TINGLE!!!😅🙈 A nice way of saying MY ASS IS ON FIRE. I’m pretty sure my spouse sang lots of Johnny Cash that day.😂😂😂😭
  4. Rose

    anal bleaching?

    I found the Jolen bleach decent. Walmart also carries a Sally Henson version that was meh, but it worked with multiple applications
  5. Rose

    how many hours do you work a day?

    So I don’t cam anymore, but I did before I became a mom in 2013. These days I work far more and far less than I did while camming. With camming, I woke up and immediately started getting ready for cam, then would be online and live for anywhere between 3-15 hours at a time. Not healthy,not...
  6. Rose

    Working with Other Models - Advice?

    Personally, I have a checklist. Consent, 2257, release forms, discuss content type, discuss expectations, discuss goals for this collaboration, negotiate who gets what, discuss ground rules and limitations, consent again, begin filming, distribution. It’s a lot, but it keeps me legal and my...
  7. Rose

    is spoiled online reliable for a wishlist?

    I would recommend you use the search feature in these forums to expand your knowledge of how to safely use wishlists.❤️👍👍
  8. Rose

    first time vaginal penetration bleeding help

    you may, which is why she recommended seeing a doctor if bleeding or pain persists or recurs. Vaginal bleeding and pain with penetration are uncommon beyond your first sexual encounter and generally indicate need for a medical exam. Your hymen won’t grow back, but if the pain and bleeding...
  9. Rose

    is clips4sale recommended for cammodel?

    No, Clips4sale is one of the longest running video websites. It has everything from professionals to amateurs. It probably has the largest onsite traffic for guaranteed sales besides pornhub. I have been selling there successfully as 90% of my family’s income since 2012, shortly after I joined...
  10. Rose

    Are sales low this week or just me?

    Clips4sale has been updating their site and having LOTS of glitches this month. It has absolutely affected my sales unfortunately.
  11. Rose

    Clips4Sale NOT reporting ALL income?!

    Do the earnings from that sale show up on your transactions or in your earnings? I’ve had an instance or two of emails not going through, or sales coming through and showing in earnings with no emails, but a quick message to support or their live chat has gotten it fixed. I’ve not had to contact...
  12. Rose

    Video Editor for Cam Models

    I do all of my own work and have for 9 years. All of my sfx editing is self taught, and as tedious as it is, cloning myself and making friends get abducted by UFO’s while they change colors and expand is totally fun.😊 I just started tweeting about it and posting on instagram. Pornhub might be a...
  13. Rose

    Models with chronic illness

    STUFF YOUR FUCKING FACE AND GET THOSE DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!!!! FACESTUFFING SELLS SO FUCKING WELL!!!!!!!!!!! Regardless of size, race, religion, sexuality, WHATEVER!!!! Facestuffing is one of those categories ANYONE can do hella well in. I have an incredibly elastic stomach, bloat easily, and can...
  14. Rose

    Video Editor for Cam Models

    I am not on fiverr because everything I do is adult. I don’t work with companies who have moral qualms over obscene material, or at minimum who don’t define what they find to be obscene. I literally only work with friends. Mostly because I am a BUSY mom.😅👍👍
  15. Rose

    Video Editor for Cam Models

    I just started networking with my friends🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ You could def start on places like reddit and fiver. If not with nude videos, then definitely sexy videos for sure. I would start with sexy teasers you’ve edited instead of going with full nude right out of the gate. Idk how well it will work...
  16. Rose

    Models with chronic illness

    I just passed 5000 videos. When I say film everything, I mean film EVERYTHING. The nonsexual bullshit videos sell the most.😅😅😅 Yes you fuckers! Pay for me to yawn for you perverts!!!!!!!😈😂 Seriously though, I mainly film non nude and lots of non sexual, or implied-simulated only, and it works...
  17. Rose

    How do you all cope in hot weather?

    I’ve used this to cope with the surgical menopause a bit and it def helps keep the hot flashes less intense!!! I always wondered how my dad and the locals could stand to wear layers and layers and layers in the deep dessert overseas. Likely the same concept.🤔
  18. Rose

    Models with chronic illness

    Me 🤗 I had two unplanned major surgeries this year. I became a sex worker because of my chronic illness. Honestly, camming was terrible for my health. Switching the filming and texting with phone calls as supplement really made a huge improvement in my income and mental health as well as...
  19. Rose

    How do you all cope in hot weather?

    Oh man, Tennessee summer and having menopausal hot flashes😂😂 Yea, we could talk. How long do you have?🤣🤣🤣 I live in humid air soup where you develop swamp ass within 2 minutes of bathing. Don’t bother drying off after that shower! You’ll collect more moisture after attempting to towel in super...
  20. Rose

    SW Friendly Crowdfunding Platforms - Need Surgery

    Honestly, you have less to worry about making money than you do for healing. Focus on the health and the wealth will follow you.❤️❤️❤️ Staying in bed and abstaining during that recovery period was wayyyyyyy harder than preparing for surgery itself.🙈