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  1. silentm0de

    Annoying Onlyfans models

    Ok guys, I did not know where to put this, but as I think it is funny and hilarious, I wanted to share. I am also on OF and when I first used the site I randomly accepted an offer for a free sub to a model. Her content was bullshit, so I ignored her and the sub ran out. Then she began to send me...
  2. silentm0de

    Mod without being asked

    Good evening ladies and gents, I know the stories of members trying to become mods in a model's room. This one is the other way round. Two days ago I had a good time in a model's room on CB - I was enjoying the show so I started to tip some. Naturally, the show got better and I tipped more...
  3. silentm0de

    New favourite model - good manners?

    Good evening, Ladies! Probably you will think that my question is stupid. And please excuse my mistakes or poor phrasing, English is not my first language. For the past two years I have been visiting a Lady on CB. I would not call myself a "regular", I don't hang out in her room every day. In...