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  1. Missy48

    Private based show

    Awesome thankyou
  2. Missy48

    ShineModel is a service for managing chats and broadcasts of several sites in one window.

    Ps was having a lot of problems with obs since last obs update but same settings
  3. Missy48

    ShineModel is a service for managing chats and broadcasts of several sites in one window.

    I use it with streamster now $15 a month instead of obs works fantastic together so far
  4. Missy48

    Private based show

    Thankyou so very much that’s just want I needed to know I’m gona write this down and have it to reach lol 💕💕💕❤️
  5. Missy48

    Private based show

    Hi guys after some advice please for the last two years I have mainly cammed on token based sites occasionally streamate but I am going more into private based now so here’s the ? When you accept a show how do you say to member basically what would you like I normally say how would you like to...
  6. Missy48

    OBS connection issue

    It’s is deffo Chaturbate’s side email I had off streamster as I coudnt connect to cb last week
  7. Missy48

    Change of rates?

    Yes me to and friendly proof in my reviews lol
  8. Missy48

    Cam in comfort

    I’ve found this but not sure 🤔 or this opinions much needed thanks guys ❤️
  9. Missy48

    ShineModel is a service for managing chats and broadcasts of several sites in one window.

    Mine to unfortunately same happened the other day on stripchat wasn’t sure if it was something with obs though
  10. Missy48

    OBS, is it worth using?

  11. Missy48

    OBS, is it worth using?

    Hi you have to click the + button I’m sources to get your microphone and webcam also this link may help but it’s setup for stripchat I have my bitrate set at 5500 for chaturbate this does show you the full setup
  12. Missy48

    OBS connection issue

    Yes obs was awful for me last night using shine browser mayb server overload loads more people using obs now with flash gone
  13. Missy48

    OBS, is it worth using?

    Obs boosts your rank on so more than likely yes
  14. Missy48

    FPS and Dropped frames technical issues

    For cb I have to set my bitrate at 5500 to keep in the green and I use encoder hardware qsv in output advanced rate control cbr key frame 2 veryfast main and none but it does also very much depend on your upload speed and laptop and the settings are definitely very different for everyone my...
  15. Missy48

    Streamray and lush uk models

    Hi need help again guys sorry I’ve signed up to streamray but being in the uk and having a iPhone apparently I can’t get the ffconnect app on iTunes Store to setup my lush support have said I need to get a android phone for ffconnect in the uk bfor I go out and buy one have any uk models found a...
  16. Missy48

    Thoughts on the word 'bb'?

    If I’m being payed at the time he’ll I don’t care lol but neutral to me 💕
  17. Missy48

    My CB account got banned while streaming and I'm not sure why :((

    There seems so many accounts getting banned by cb lately for whatever reason mine was once about a year ago just because my cat ran past me on cam,so now I shut her out yet I see loads chilling with cats and dogs on background but of one rule for one I feel 💕
  18. Missy48

    Night shift SM

    That’s funny cus I put up a post the other day in ask a model category regarding sm I worked a night about two nights back been on sm for two years but always worked day time I find late morning/afternoon really busy my night shift was dead gmt time uk never doing night again 💕
  19. Missy48

    Uk models sm

    Hi guys to the uk models please who work on streamate what do you find is your busiest times I mainly work in the day I’ve tried working from around 7pm till midnight as a change and for me it was completely dead yet busier in the day not just lockdown as I’ve worked in the day for the last two...