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  1. Missy48

    Private based show

    Hi guys after some advice please for the last two years I have mainly cammed on token based sites occasionally streamate but I am going more into private based now so here’s the ? When you accept a show how do you say to member basically what would you like I normally say how would you like to...
  2. Missy48

    Streamray and lush uk models

    Hi need help again guys sorry I’ve signed up to streamray but being in the uk and having a iPhone apparently I can’t get the ffconnect app on iTunes Store to setup my lush support have said I need to get a android phone for ffconnect in the uk bfor I go out and buy one have any uk models found a...
  3. Missy48

    Uk models sm

    Hi guys to the uk models please who work on streamate what do you find is your busiest times I mainly work in the day I’ve tried working from around 7pm till midnight as a change and for me it was completely dead yet busier in the day not just lockdown as I’ve worked in the day for the last two...
  4. Missy48

    Lush not vibrating sm

    Hi guys quick question my lush 2 only 3 weeks old working fine on other sites but on streamate it’s all connected showing up green on sm connect but every time a member tips it won’t vibrate only started happening tonight I have re connected refreshed so I can’t see if it’s my lush or site tech...
  5. Missy48

    sm rates percentage

    Hi guys with streamate rates at the moment mine are 3.99 and 4.99 am I right I take off 70% off this prices and that’s my rate per min thanks loads 💕
  6. Missy48

    Cam in comfort

    Hi guys can you give me your cam comfort zone what you cam on bed etc I’m looking at the laziboy chairs or gaming chairs at the moment I’m using like a large silver bed on the floor which is better for me and looks nice as I do suffer with arthritis in my one hip but I want to occasionally...
  7. Missy48

    Splitcam chaturbate

    Hi guys can anyone tell me there best settings for splitcam for chaturbate when setting up I’ve attached my settings please see pic which work well on splitcam for bongacams mfc stripchat and camsoda but chaturbate doesn’t like these settings at all keeps freezing or stops broadcasting using...
  8. Missy48

    Lush streamate/stripchat

    Hi guys I see a lot of models are broadcasting on streamate and stripchat at the same time using there lush can anyone tell me how they are connecting there lush to both sites please as I know streamate isn’t in the lovense browser extension I use my lush with obs and restream io to splitcam...
  9. Missy48

    Lush 2 not vibrating

    Hi guys really need some help been camming for about two years now always used a lush suddenly today my lush 2,has decided not to vibrate to tips I use the app on my phone and the usb on my laptop but lately been using the usb it connects fine when I do a test tip it shows up icon is green on...