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  1. Vess Valentine

    Model Verification Requests Henlo! :)
  2. Vess Valentine


  3. Vess Valentine

    Whatcha been playing?

    Breath of the wild SUCKED ME IN for the past two weeks 🤣. And Mount and Blade Bannerlord.... Not even gonna talk about that, let's just say it's been NON STOP for the past two or so months 😀 (I might have a problem).
  4. Vess Valentine

    females only sorry i know this is so stupid.

    Mirena works by releasing a hormone called progestin, just ask your doctor for the pill with the same hormone in it! It's called the mini pill here in UK and it only contains one hormone. It should be much cheaper than an IUD procedure. Read about skipping the placebo pills too, but this isn't...
  5. Vess Valentine

    Help! Missed a whole month due to health issues and now am making way less, what to do?

    My advice is - stay positive and be consistent! Stick to your schedule and keep active on socials outside of camming, let all your regulars know that you're there! :) Maybe try to promote your content, do a raffle or start cross streaming if you really need extra income right now?
  6. Vess Valentine


  7. Vess Valentine

    About coffee

    Oh my, I stopped counting for my own sake! Best thing I've ever done for myself was get myself a 3 cup cafetiere and I guess I'll drink two to three full ones a day now. :D PLUS green tea! (About 3 cups). Waiting for that heart attack. 😶
  8. Vess Valentine

    Any ideas on the current approval time?

    Hello lovely, they took about 4 days to approve all of my documents, have you heard from them yet?
  9. Vess Valentine

    Lush Debate

    Mine has paid itself off the first night I used it! It's definitely worth it, if not for public shows then for private ones! Having someone else control it is really fun!