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  1. melanieoncam

    females only sorry i know this is so stupid.

    If you are in the USA you may be able to get an IUD or other gynecological care free at planned parenthood.
  2. melanieoncam

    Did I get scammed and what do I do about it?

    Her reputation is definitely ruined with you, if you don't get your clip :) Speaking for myself though, the fetishes I serve are a very small niche and word gets around. Likely if she does this to one person she will do it again. (I'm still hoping she comes through for you eventually)...
  3. melanieoncam

    Did I get scammed and what do I do about it?

    I guess if you want to turn your whole business into a dumpster fire and ruin your reputation. That will only work once. A huge portion of my business is repeat customers who order custom videos.
  4. melanieoncam

    Did I get scammed and what do I do about it?

    Clips4sale doesn't have an approved way for us to be doing customs at all and they do not provide a way to take payment for them (which a lot of us have requested but they have refused for years) , so they likely won't do anything. This annoys me so much. I take pride in my customs and always...
  5. melanieoncam

    females only sorry i know this is so stupid.

    The surgery to stop periods is an endometrial ablation but it's usually only done to stop super heavy periods. You should go talk to a gynecologist about your concerns though and see if there are some options to help. I can relate, periods are so annoying, miserable sometimes!
  6. melanieoncam

    MFC bans all Vietnamese cam models

    That kind of thing has already happened and it's not necessarily catering to only western hosts. Adultwork and Camcontacts banned ALL usa hosts due to FOSTA laws. I lost my accounts with both of them after hosting with them for years. Camcontacts has since let USA hosts back on but Adultwork...
  7. melanieoncam

    MFC bans all Vietnamese cam models

    MFC should never be allowing models or studios to register from any country where porn is illegal. That would put the models at huge risk. How were they able to do this in the first place anyway?
  8. melanieoncam


    I'm sure Chloe will help you but how in the world do you pay your monthly bills if you leave $14000 worth of tokens in your account uncashed? That's a really bad idea.
  9. melanieoncam

    Should I tell my date over text or wait to be in person?

    Even if you weren't in sex work, and putting that issue aside for a moment, meeting in person is very very different than talking online, and you have never even heard his voice? I think it would be wise to put the brakes on sharing any personal information and good grief do not have sex the...
  10. melanieoncam

    Nudity in free chat. Is this finally allowed on Streamates?

    There are no options on the GOLD menu for pussy or anal. It's not allowed.
  11. melanieoncam

    Hey Girls Read whit ATTENTION

    Ok this is interesting, from the FAQ page "Fortunately, we have over 20 years of history building successful tech products and websites in the industry and have the full support of Streamate to make sure ePlay is a huge success." Streamate???!!! and why does it say no adult? I'm very...
  12. melanieoncam

    Direct social media monetization

    Just a matter of time before Paypal shuts you down. Doesn't matter if you aren't directly funding, they will still shut you down when they see XXX cammodels using your service.
  13. melanieoncam

    A whale taking over a room - how long does it last usually?

    That's true as long as the model is not working from a studio, then they get a way smaller amount of money.
  14. melanieoncam

    Yep, It's another "I'm in a relationship with a camgirl thread"

    I have to wonder if any of these camhosts or members realize they could cost the camhost her account permanently and she could lose her entire income. Blows my mind any host would risk that. With Sesta/Fosta laws most sites will permanently ban anyone caught discussing meetings to protect the...
  15. melanieoncam

    Complicated situation with a member

    God, what an asshole. So happy you figured it out so quickly and banned the idiots.
  16. melanieoncam

    Cam in comfort

    I bought a reclining executive type office chair from Amazon, lots of padding, super comfy. Be sure to get one of the ones that lay back almost all the way like a recliner. It was cheap but ended up being more comfy than the expensive office chair I had before, and it came with an ottoman. I...
  17. melanieoncam

    Models, what are the odds of finding a member you genuinely enjoy the time with?

    Both of those things but the #1 thing that annoys me is trying to get free explicit sex chat from me without paying. So many men think they are entitled to hours of detailed sexual chat for free.
  18. melanieoncam

    Models, what are the odds of finding a member you genuinely enjoy the time with?

    I would say about half, but to be clear, just because I enjoy our time together does not mean I'm going to devote my time to him when he isn't paying me, other than a few short minutes of conversation. I really have to focus on making money and when a regular won't quit trying to monopolize my...
  19. melanieoncam

    STOP getting recorded on Chaturbate /Posted on websites without OK

    You shouldn't make it appear that by doing that they prevent their shows being reposted though. Thousands of sites will do it every single day. Its pretty pointless to worry about it since these types of sites are hosted overseas where copyright laws and DMCA laws can't be enforced.
  20. melanieoncam

    Private based sites-debate

    I worked at Adultwork for years. Once Fosta/sesta came out they banned ALL USA hosts and doesn't matter if you have a passport or not they will not let you work there now if you live in the U.S.