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  1. Ann_Sulu

    Getmagicnow Thanks to following Charlotte and Kradek on Twitter I learned of this. I...I...wanna use it, but idk what. I'm like with my phone in my lap all excited about the possibly completely stupid thing I might one day ask them for. :lol: Also if you've ever ordered something...
  2. Ann_Sulu

    Merry Christmas! <3

    I'm not much of a holiday person, but I figure I can at least wish everyone a Merry Christmas and happy holidays! :occasion-xmas:
  3. Ann_Sulu

    I have a weird sleep issue and don't know what to do

    I've always had really weird sleep patterns, but one thing that always held true is when anything happens to inflict a sort of stress my body thinks I must go to bed right then. It makes me drowsy quite often when I shouldn't be, and I happen to be one of those very control freak people that...
  4. Ann_Sulu

    Awkward model comparison

    Ok, I really don't know how else to go about this, so here goes nothin': For the past some-odd months, I've been getting told by a number or guys in my room that I and another model are very similar in certain ways, and/or that they believe we would have great chemistry etc. Ok, that's great...
  5. Ann_Sulu


    I searched up and down, but couldn't find it. Please forgive me if something of this nature has already been posted. I have seen girls in many rooms have terrible sound. Either they come off as too loud or too soft. Their music may down out their every word entirely. I know it's frustrating as a...
  6. Ann_Sulu

    New MFC Glitch?! Help O.o

    I tried to log on, and I got this showing in the area of my vid. I'd had this happen before, but I can normally click Allow, and move on. It won't let me click anything...any ideas? :shock:
  7. Ann_Sulu

    What Camgirls should have on their Profile

    I've been barely able to cam for about 2 weeks now, due to connectivity issues Since I'm a workaholic, my brain has been going over what I should perhaps do to my profile. I know certain things help models, such as: schedules, prices, tags etc... I'm also sorry if this is elsewhere. Keep on mind...
  8. Ann_Sulu

    Profile problem

    There is a pink block that appeared on my profile about a week ago, and I don't know how to get rid of it. I clicked view source and it looked like someone hacked my profile, and tried to advertise another model on my profile. I emailed MFC, but they never got back to me. Any ideas on how I can...
  9. Ann_Sulu

    Pros and cons of each site

    Thought this could be interesting, and a way for the camgirls to a) find out what sites they'd prefer to work b) the sites the members would like to go to c) Maybe come up ideas to email the sites and perhaps get things fixed. MFC Pros Models get a large percentage The intricate profiles Cons...
  10. Ann_Sulu

    SM not working

    Is anyone else getting this when they try to start their cam on SM? I contacted them, but nothing. I've been trying since last night. :crybaby:
  11. Ann_Sulu

    So, I was gonna not say anything till I got on cam but...

    Super boyfriend and I had a long talk about “things” involving camming. Basically, we have been butting heads a lot for a while now (mostly due to camming). There were major misinterpretations about a lot of things. I love it we're all yin and yang again (and not just in a 69 way ;)...
  12. Ann_Sulu

    List for Santa <3

    I'm trying to think of what to put on my Amazon wishlist for December. I figure I'll add some things I want off cam as well, though I normally like to put things I use on cam only. I'd like some holiday related toys (example I found a glass wand in the design of a candy cane). I have a ton of...
  13. Ann_Sulu

    I'm at my wits end with this guy...

    When I first started camming there was a guy who entered my chat. He seemed cool at first, but within a month he (long story short) he lost his mind, and wound up on my block list. Every 60 days or so I'd find him in my chat even though he was still on my block list. He said if I asked politely...
  14. Ann_Sulu

    MFC Mail Issues

    Is there some sort of spam/ignore button on mail? I've blocked, banned and ignore this guy and he keeps mailing me.
  15. Ann_Sulu

    So any of you forget to ask if the brownies are poisonous?

    I'm allergic to pot, and live with two I don't have a voice on cam...yay!
  16. Ann_Sulu


    August is obviously really slow (like stab me in the face slow) Are there any other months that are real bad. I was thinking one's like December might be :) I'm officially smiling practically all the time out of shear insane boredom lol :lol:
  17. Ann_Sulu


    I want a birthday countdown widget for my profile, however I can't find any that work...anyone have better luck, and could tell me where to get a working one?
  18. Ann_Sulu

    Is Anyone Else Having This Problem with Privates?

    Lately, I've been having a problem where a private gets started and the guy gets knocked out within about a minute or two. At first I thought they maybe just didn't have enough tokens, but no... So sometimes these guys would try to restart private, and would get logged out once again. I was...
  19. Ann_Sulu

    So is this about right?

    I've been on a little over a month with MFC. I totally blew it in the beginning, because I got three kidney stones that lasted 2 weeks. Standing, dancing and bending over helps, but when you can't do that...yeah well, anyway... I made roughly 500 dollars my first check, of course it's no longer...
  20. Ann_Sulu


    So, I've been having problems with my photos lately...I have a lot of good ones that everyone seems to like, but if I try to post them to where they are big down the middle...they disappear the next day. I created different galleries to store them till I figure out what to do, but wondered if...