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  1. a_haze420

    has ANYONE gotten a Paxum card yet?

    My card took 6 months from when I ordered it to when I received it. Not sure how it is for actual use because I don’t use Paxum any longer but yeah that’s how long it took for my card to arrive.
  2. a_haze420

    I will be at the clips4sale booth at the Vancouver taboo show Feb 8-10 so excited!

    I will be at the clips4sale booth at the Vancouver taboo show Feb 8-10 so excited!
  3. a_haze420


    as far as i know the limits are the same.
  4. a_haze420


    i literally just got my temp card 3 days ago. it took 6 months.
  5. a_haze420


    6. months. later. my paxum card showed up. im no longer using the service and just missed cancelling the card to get my money back so i guess i got a $45 wallet decorator.
  6. a_haze420


    You can do wire transfers and EFT's through paxum btw. you dont necessarily NEED the card to get your money!
  7. a_haze420


    you know.. you had me til this post. you can rearrange the words but its still gonna come out as the same bs.
  8. a_haze420

    The Friendly Freeloader

    Yeah I would talk to him. If he's tipped once he isnt really a regular. He is literally a friendly freeloader. If talking to him doesnt work make it so only tippers can talk or ban.
  9. a_haze420

    message amber! forum admin

    message amber! forum admin
  10. a_haze420

    Streamate question/answer and general information

    I've never charged less than 3.99 premium and 5.99 excl. and I don't even do anal. and don't let them direct in premium. so small toys or clit play. if they want to direct or use dildos. exclusive.
  11. a_haze420

    How to get money without Paypal ?

    Be very careful.. I would stop accepting money there and move to an adult friendly service like paxum or indie bill. I had a PayPal before I started this work. Used it for online shopping etc. Never used it or linked it to my sex work Last year They closed it and banned me and it took me...
  12. a_haze420


    this isnt SM it's from mfc. MFC sent the payment but they told me it sometimes takes a day or two for them to process they said i if I don't see it monday or tuesday to contact paxum. so I wouldn't take my story as what's happening with your sm payment. I would contact sm and paxum support.
  13. a_haze420


    anyone get paid from MFC to paxum? how long does it usually take for it to hit your paxum? my boleyn payments are instant so im a little worried i haven't gotten it yet.
  14. a_haze420

    dress code? costumes?

    So how come the winner of the CB costume is dressed like IT? Very clear who she is being. I thought no copy right was allowed? Why do you guys say these things are rules but don't enforce them? I know girls who skipped dressing up fearing they would be banned so how can you then go and pick a...
  15. a_haze420

    Streamate question/answer and general information

    They do for models at least! They deactivate models after 90 days without I believe IIRC. Could be the same for members but im not 100% on that!
  16. a_haze420

    Streamate question/answer and general information

    anytime someone has left a negative review it is removed without question. so i dont think the members are being notified. (all mine have been unfair in all honestly but ya, never even been questioned its just removed instantly)
  17. a_haze420


    If she was your fiance you would have more than mfc to contact her. You would have her phone number her Twitter something. You are craaazy.
  18. a_haze420


  19. a_haze420

    Race Play

    I also get a lot of white cuck guys with a bbc fetish and a lot of black guys who I will do light interracial style play with too. If they even slightly over step my clearly laid out boundaries.. for example I personally won't use the N if its brought up The show is over. Only do...
  20. a_haze420

    Is Chaturbate in a State of Decline?

    Yeah I really can't see any "business idea" involved with spending your time begging a girl to turn a damn light on lmao