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  1. a_haze420

    Streamate mess! Help!

    Oook so tried using the SM broadcaster tonight. Wouldn't work kept getting an error that it couldn't find a stream that was up to standard. I have great internet computer and webcam so not sure the issue there. Gave up on it. Switched to the fmle encoder and everything seems fine except i look...
  2. a_haze420

    Thoughts on skyprivate?

    Been trying to find some info and thoughts/reviews from models on skyprivate? Is it a worthwhile site? How does it really work? I was thinking about joining to supplement my mfc income when its slow or whatever but being an international model the payment options for skyprivate are a bit of a...
  3. a_haze420

    New Whiteboard App on MFC

    Hey guys! Did a whole wack of searching online and in the forum and just couldn't find the info I needed! I've noticed girls using a white board app in their chat rooms on MFC. Its pretty neat usually they have tip menus etc. I want to use this in my chat but cannot figure out how! I use the...
  4. a_haze420

    Question about muting guests/basics on MFC

    Hi everyone!! Last night when I was live on MFC I set guests and basics to mute on the chat screen on the MFC app broadcaster on my computer. A few seconds after i muted then it turned it self off and allowed basics and guests back in. This continues my whole show every few seconds to few...