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  1. melezouriou

    Abuse of CB model rating system

    You could just turn off the ratings, this can by done by going into the Settings & Privacy tab and setting the option "Show my satisfaction score" to no. If I understood correctly it's only purpose is as a gauge of general customer satisfaction by users for other users to see and does not...
  2. melezouriou

    Tips from a man to a camgirls (for free)

    This is by far the most hilarious instance of someone being somewhat creative while going "spare coochie ma'am?" i've seen. The advice is free but the comical value is priceless.
  3. melezouriou

    DMCA takedown experienced required!

    If they are Chaturbate shows you can send links to these directly to and they will attempt to have the content taken down on your behalf, as they offer to do this for any Chaturbate broadcaster they are rather experienced in the process.
  4. melezouriou

    Chaturbate Profile Help!

    replace the hashtag # with your link
  5. melezouriou

    In loved (maybe) with a cam girl

    Sort your life out, have a good think. You sound like you're going through limerence and you may need a cold shower to snap you out. Accept the likelihood you are not a unicorn and basing a life plan on a dodgy prospect and your apparent doubts about your current real life situation isn't likely...
  6. melezouriou

    Banned from CB for being a decent moderator.

    I used the "creepy" definition pretty much for the reason AudriTwo stated, and i'll stand by the statement that "my models" and "my rooms" sound disgustingly possessive for someone to say who doesn't appear on cam in those rooms and/or instead of those broadcasters. So with "standing up" you...
  7. melezouriou

    Banned from CB for being a decent moderator.

    When you say "my rooms", "my models" (so creepy) ... were you broadcasting in your own room and your room got banned or some other broadcaster's room got banned you happened to frequent or you don't broadcast at all and simply your account that you only use for chatting and "moderating" got banned?
  8. melezouriou

    Chaturbate Terms of Service Update

    Just in case it was missed, Chaturbate updated their terms of service on 31/12/19, the code of conduct now being in a separate appendix.
  9. melezouriou

    Does putting a DMCA logo in video actually help detour anyone?

    Far to many broadcaster still put the DMCA logo (or other) in their profile/bio which appears in overlay viewing the site but when someone captures video feed it isn't included hence don't appear when uploaded somewhere else. Additionally the DMCA logo won't help much in keeping you content from...
  10. melezouriou

    how to mute my mic and play just music

    You can do this by streaming through OBS, it allows you to add multiple and individually control audio sources. So instead of your microphone you can choose to play sound directly from your chosen media source and people will only hear that.
  11. melezouriou

    Toys suggestion

    Slightly different tangent but it may also help to try different lube to go with toys, Pjur med Repair Glide does well for soreness.
  12. melezouriou

    OBS "Encoder Overloaded"

    To save on processing power it may help to swap your rate control over to CRF mode, you can do this by going into Output tab in setting, setting the mode to advanced, the encoder to x264 below swap the rate control from CBR to CRF. The CRF number value is where you can fine-tune, the lower the...
  13. melezouriou

    Cam is clear on my side but blurry on clients side, how can I fix this?

    Wholeheartedly agree with previous post, OBS is well worth the hassle of using it and once it's setup it pretty much won't need to be fiddled with that much and just require you to get used to having two windows open if you want to see your own video. Getting it to run might also answer the...
  14. melezouriou

    How to get rid of Obs black side bars

    And again with the visual aid for ease: go to sources, rightclick your cam and select properties Here make sure your Resolution/FPS type is set to Custom and the line below set your max resolution for example 1920x1080 Hit ok to apply Next click on the video preview in middle (a red border...
  15. melezouriou

    How to get rid of Obs black side bars

    Go to sources, rightclick your cam go to properties, set "resolution/fps type" to custom, below that set the "resolution" to your streams max 1280x720 or 1920x1080 for example and hit ok, then click your video preview, rightclick, to go transform and select "fit to screen"
  16. melezouriou

    bitrate issues with obs on CB lately?

    Usually if you see dropped frames but not the warning "encoder overloaded" the issue isn't hardware like cam itself or your machine but will more likely be CB or your bandwidth, if you see the issue try running the speedtest ( and see if your upload speed...
  17. melezouriou

    Third Party Website Posting All Public Shows?

    It's a fully automated process where bots grab all public streams, upload it and offer them for sale. DMCA will be able to take some down but some sites don't have to and will not comply with DMCA takedown requests. You can't prevent this, it will and does happen. You could switch to not doing...
  18. melezouriou

    Crying out loud

    Been mulling this over, cause genuinely was flabbergasted, only potential reason I could think of why crying might be an issue is if they thought it might look as if broadcaster was forced in some way?
  19. melezouriou

    Crying out loud

    Anyone read the tweet by touchmypizza from Chaturbate? She appears to have received a site warning for crying whilst on cam, frankly this is the most ridiculous i've ever heard from CB. The tweet in question: Am I too touchy or is this not actually bonkers?