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  1. uzhvecher

    Token fate

    If you're carrying, say, 10,000 tokens on CB, and then you get banned, you lose those tokens. But would you still get paid for them if, prior to being banned, you had already converted them to cash?
  2. uzhvecher

    Did I get scammed and what do I do about it?

    I've never used cashapp. How do you fund your account there? If the source is Visa, initiate a chargeback. A bank, call their fraud department. You shouldn't be obligated to disclose precisely what the purchase was for, but that services were not rendered.
  3. uzhvecher

    Models asking regulars to create new accounts

    I can already guess how the CB affiliate sites themselves will feel about this, but what is stopping a model from convincing a regular user to create a new account using her affiliate link, with that convincing coming in the form of a password show, or an exclusive video, or something in...
  4. uzhvecher

    Should I tell my date over text or wait to be in person?

    This post is so sweet. It's a total breath of fresh air. Best of luck with this, OP.
  5. uzhvecher

    artificially increase the number of users in the room

    Anons count for nothing. My understanding is that what counts is how many registered users who have ever purchased tokens, the idea being that those users are of course far more likely to buy more tokens than an anon or a grey user. Hence those rooms are favored.
  6. uzhvecher

    So much for anonymous viewing

    There is no way, you're right. Look everyone at chaturbate begins with the same account type. Models differentiate theirs by getting age-verified to accept tokens. Get age-verified on your account and see what changes, see what you suddenly have access to in terms of the accounts of others.
  7. uzhvecher

    So much for anonymous viewing

    If there are 6 anonymous viewers or 1 or 100, the model can't even right-click on an individual anonymous 'account' to get information about it. There's nothing there. This was a lucky guess or another way to signal to you that she was online.
  8. uzhvecher

    Hey Girls Read whit ATTENTION -- that URL must have cost a small fortune.
  9. uzhvecher

    How do you choose your Mods?

    The number of times a "tip her!" GIF has actually worked, and startled those with tokens into tipping and those without into buying, has to be somewhere around zero.
  10. uzhvecher

    I know, another one of *those* guys/threads

    I don't mean to hijack this thread but you're 50+ and therefore creepy? If the only factor that qualifies you as creepy is your age, then the system for determining creepiness is inherently fucked. Our culture decides when we all should become sexually relevant-- 18-- for obvious reasons. It...
  11. uzhvecher

    Yep, It's another "I'm in a relationship with a camgirl thread"

    To me, OP, this is the most relevant question to you, and I didn't see a response yet.
  12. uzhvecher

    How to break up with your cam girl

    This is beautiful.
  13. uzhvecher

    Getting past the unknown

    I've broadcast a few times on cam4 and chaturbate and I can't get past the unknowable-ness of the users. The user names that are meaningless to me. What if this person knows me? Who are they and are their intentions in general decent? Models how do you get past this, if it is something you had...
  14. uzhvecher

    3 cam girls fell in love with me. I'm done.

    Just three? That's nothing. I'm up to my ass in I love you's and te amo's. They all adore me, how hot I am, how funny. Sometimes I think love blinds them because they say I have a big dick but I've measured it and I've read peer-reviewed studies that looked at like 300 dicks, it's average! When...
  15. uzhvecher

    Colombian studio cam girl scam?or not?

    There are more than a few girls - people - from Colombia - from everywhere - who happen to cam and who would gladly receive you if you went to their country. And you paid for everything, like meals, hotel, and every other expense, including ones you won't learn existed until you get there and...
  16. uzhvecher

    Why do models sign up for studios?

    Studios in Colombia never fail to shock me. The level of sexual harassment is off the charts. And while some studios give the models some training, it's not uncommon to sit a new model in front of the camera without having any idea what to do, without having any idea what her tip menu says...
  17. uzhvecher

    CB needs a feature to sort out rooms that dont allow prvt recordings

    I hear what you're saying but to me receiving a recording ought to have been an add-on to begin with, meaning it never should have been made something to simply enable or disable. There should have been an added fee attached from the outset. Not all sites offer recordings anyway do they? Offhand...
  18. uzhvecher

    Chaturbate - 2020 Year In Review

    Visitors by age would be shocking if there were some other way to verify it but clearly what it really means is there are a lot of older guys saying they're younger. If it had data on average penis size I'm sure it would be 7.5" or something equally skewed.
  19. uzhvecher

    Met A Model On The MFC

    This is great advice. Last year I dated a girl, 24, half my age. Felt like I won the Lotto. I wouldn't take back a moment of it and I'd do it again. And I'm not worth $100 billion, I'm barely worth $100.
  20. uzhvecher

    Question for EE/Romanian/Studio models

    OK, thank you for clarifying that. Absolutely agree with you here.